Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


22. section 22

“Ok is everyone out?” I asked while we stood outside with our loot. I was happy to see that we were all gifted and there were some crystal readers in the mix while I could hear the screams from inside the crate.

“I think so None.” Heflin chimed while meditating for her powers to find anyone that was inside. I glared at her with a happy smile and then went back to the next step which I thought would say that we had started the war and revolt.

“Flames, those of you that have flames or destructive abilities aim them at our old bonds.” I yelled and they did what I commanded. I could see everything from flames to lazars go right at the old jail that we were forced to be in, a place where hope would be lost as well as lives. I started to wonder if life would be different if we weren’t in holds like we all were but I was starting to feel new to where I knew that the war might be coming to an end.

“It’s beautiful.” I hear Heflin state behind me.

“It is a wonderful thing that we can be in harmony. Now all we need is to get back and get ready for war.” I say with all the gifted behind me thinking all the same thing that this might work for freedom after all.

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