Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
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19. section 19

We both felt that this was our chance while I awaited our turn to run back home. I was being escorted though the hall as it was my turn to be in the death chair. I was strong and wanting to get this opportunity over with and became a symbol for the captives here.

“None, I am glad that you can arrive to do this.” Doc chimed as he was grinning from ear to ear and making it obvious that he was happy that I could offer myself this easily. I felt strong that I could make him a fool. I know this wouldn’t be my first brush of death as I sat down in the chair.

“The prophecy will be reviled to you.” I said and I supersized myself that the sentence sounded like Arrow than myself.

“I depend on it, more of your death then the fact that you are the prophecy.” He sneered while he tightened my wrists to the chair.

“I depend on it.”  I was confident but at the same time, unsure. I watched him go behind the glass as I could see my sister and Luna on the other side to watch. Heflin warned me before that this was crazy and without Ti we could never save enough toys to raise an army.

“None you are crazy.” I can see Heflin mouth and trying to tell me that she is just as strong as me but I am the only one, other than Steel, to make this pace temperedly decommissioned.

I started to let my hands glow a bit to show my plans and she shook her head thinking that it might not be enough but I think it would.  The Doc wanted me dead. I knew that is what he wanted as I felt myself fade as the machine turned on.

The pain didn’t kick in till I thought was the insensitive faded a bit. It felt horrible as the fake bees stung me over and over again as I started to see myself in my closed and my imagination took me back to the Marc ceremony. The thought of it taking my soul now was the same of the gods chiseling my own gift that day. The overwhelming stab after stab was the invisible swords that I wanted to  conquer but I knew I couldn’t at the moment but as I looked up I could see why I was only getting the pain and not the dwindling aspect of my life fading from my body.

I smiled thinking that since she is using her powers to save me and I knew that I had to do the same to save myself. I summoned my sword but as I felt the hilt appear but then I feel a stab that went deep into my soul to where I was thinking I was gone to where I  wasn’t coming back. This wasn’t supposed to happen to me but the bad thing was that I knew this was a crazy idea myself. I did not give up but I felt like I should as I tried the sword again and this time I did manage to get the entire sword to appear in my hand and I felt like I was going to be the perfect person to rally all as I got the sword into the lock. I lifted my sword and the lock or containment that was around my wrist broke as easy as if it was butter.

I smiled as I did the same for the second one, and then was my shackles that got my sword as they had the same effect.  I never felt more alive than that moment as I stood in front of my sister, Luna. Miss Aberdeen and the Doc were all shocked. I had survived the unthinkable. The chair that had killed so many gifted and here I am a profit, yes, but at the same time a normal gifted that knows how to use her powers and thankfully friends to help.

“I am here and I know that I am here to do a job and that is to take all of the people that kill us down.” I proclaimed and Doc let out a lough that sent those same icicles down my back.

“You need the wolf to be accepted and I’m one of them but not the main one you need.” He growled as I could see him change into fur and howl one that was ear piercing to me.

I charged into the room but I didn’t notice that Miss Aberdeen was a little lost as well as the she was trying to apprehend me by getting close and then having me dodge her. She stumbled a bit as I looked at her ashamed while she could capture me before, but not now.

The wolf on the other hand was in his final stages. “Heflin, put them down!” I yelled but it was Luna that answered me, which I was not used to hearing.

“Let me.”  Her hands glowed as a powdery substance flowed from them and throughout the room. The powder didn’t affect me but it was doing something to Miss Aberdeen as she fell to the floor and Doc right behind her.

“What just happened?” I questioned and looked over Doc and nudged them a bit with my sword.

“My power is targeting knock out powder.” She smiled and came to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

“You could have told us this before.” Heflin chimed as we heard Miss Aberdeen moan and made me worry.

“I think that we need to move. I they are starting to wake up…” I trailed while I started to leave the room but Heflin and Luna was still where they were but Heflin still hovered over Doc and was examining something as I was ready to run away. I had to get the others and become the person that I am supposed to be.

“Hold up None. There is something that I need to show you.” Heflin stated and I was in a hurry to get out.

“What now?” I asked with intimidation and Heflin glared at me with daggers in her eyes that told me that I should hold back with my tongue before I manage to get myself killed by her and I didn’t feel like exasperating that again.

“Look his Marc; He has a different one than what I thought.” Heflin sated and I was thinking that she was reiterating what I already knew but I had to remind myself that the glass has a bit of a sound barrier to where that she might not been able to hear the conversation.

“And?” I asked trying to hint that I am ready to move on and open doors to let freedom to the rest of the world or at least the imprisoned gifted that resign here. I started to move closer while she flipped one of the arms over and I could see scales where fur was supposed to be.

“Doc isn’t the gifted that we are after all along.” She sighed and I was honesty curious myself at what she was talking about.  I could see the faint slips of hairs though the layers. Luna looked like that she was getting tired since she was young, not a young as Ti, but obviously not the age to get her Marc.

“What do you mean?” I asked and she looked at me like I hadn’t been listening to her at all instead of a clarification. She was starting to act like I had annoyed her which I hope that we weren’t slipping back into our ways of being enemies.

“I mean this is all wrong to the prophecy!” She snapped and that wasn’t helping me in the realm of being calm while Luna was starting to leave the room. I quickly grabbed her collar and was starting to pull her back saying it is too dangerous to run out alone, Even with Miss Aberdeen and Dc unconscious at the moment meant that they would wake to hunting us again.

“OK?” I let the word draw from my lips while wanting the answer now more than ever while Miss Aberdeen was starting to stir once more.

“The scales are on top of the fur instead of underneath I read a lot of Aroven translated books while I scooped her off of her feet and into the air. She looked like she amazed that I could do this before. Although I managed to scare myself a bit because of my strength but I didn’t let it over take me.

“Get to the point sister!” I demanded.

“OK, OK! Just let me go!” she cried and I smiled as I set her down. “The picture in the book showed a full wolf with armored plating and the Doc is a inheritance of those traits but it is not quite right as in it would be worthless if we kill him,” She stated but I felt different these two put more people to forever sleep or jail then I would like to see ever again as a feel for revenge was strictly needed in my case than anything else.

I went and hovered over the Doc first thinking that if he is going first then Miss Aberdeen wouldn’t know what happed and she would be lost at what to do without her master, hopefully.

I let my sword show in my hand, the cold hilt matched the cold that was making my soul frozen over while I raised it over the Doc’s heart but just as I tried to go for the kill I stopped and looked at Luna. “Turn around and close your eyes as well as cover your ears.” I instructed. She looked at me with confusion as if she was sure what she wanted.

“I am going to be in the army. I need to be used to this.” Luna said and then I could see something go straight through her and her body fall to the floor and Heflin was not sure what happed as the next thing I know I am hearing a loud thump as a skull trying to fracture but yet it was Heflin hitting her head on one of the mettle computers that was on the edge of this control room.

“Heflin, are you ok?” I asked which was a redundant question since I noticed that she wasn’t responding.

“Well you though that you were going to expose of us?” I can hear the doc breathe as I was not expecting to hear his voice.

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