Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


18. section 18

As soon as the Doc and Miss Aberdeen left I quickly lashed out at Heflin. “What are you thinking? Saying something like that?”
“They like vulnerable people, plus people that will do their bidding, so if we act that way we will be granted more time with our lives. “Heflin exclaimed and then smiled. “And look at how long everyone in our group lasted in here None, we all did that by doing what we were told till the last moment that is what we have to do now.”
“True but did you have to mention that we couldn’t find a leader?” I asked and Heflin stayed silent for a bit while I looked at our double bedroom.
“They know they can’t hold us None if you haven’t realized that.” Heflin said and I knew she was right. We needed to be week if we were going to get a full scout mission in we had to do everything they say up to when we are about to kill us.
“I know. I am just scared about this mission I didn’t think this through.” I said admitting my mistake and hoping that Heflin would understand. I started wondering around the room thinking that we are doing something that we shouldn’t and call it a loss but I knew this will be a golden opportunity to find the keeper of the Marc so I tried to hide that I was truly terrified and downhearted.
“When do we think this though?” Heflin laughed and I smiled and enjoyed the moment of being sister but t lasted vary short then Heflin shook her head to shake the laugher and then smiled a bright smile to me, one that I never saw before saying, “Come on, there has got to be a way out of this room and get this mission moving.”  We looked for the way out but we noticed that the only way out was up as usual.
We hoped on the bed just when I thought we could get out of this place the door started to open and a surge of fear raced through me since I forgotten to shut the curtain by the door so anyone that walked past wouldn't see what we are doing.
The girl was the same skinny one as before but she looked a lot cleaner than what I had seen her as before her face looked sad by something that she might have done and came to apologize for what she has done.

“Your None correct?” she said and I nodded hoping that she wasn’t going to kill me so I backed up and went over my bed and into the mattress that was lowered for me.

“Yes.” I said slowly then she removed some of her hair to show stars on her neck that were glowing with every moment like mine was with my heartbeat.

“My birth Marc.” I am Luna.” She said softly. “There is a group here that is planning an escape and needs your help.”  She said removing her pinkish hair out of her eyes in nervousness.  I wondered if there was a chance that Miss Aberdeen and The Doc might return so I pushed her aside and bid her to keep her voice down.

“What do you mean there is another group?” I asked quickly and can feel my heart race thinking that this might be the past repeating itself again but I didn’t mind as I glared at her dead in the eyes to where I bet I was scaring her but I just wanted information. “I need details.”

There is not many of us left. Since the first group, your group broke your chains they had been transferring us quicker and quicker.” Luna rambled and I was stunned that she knew something that would make me believe that she was pulled into this but I was still sketchy about it.

“How? I’ve got to know how!”” I asked thinking that she is telling the truth but again I was troubled and unsure.

“Well,” Luna was slow to start but then she got her footing and explained herself. ”How do you think? They upgraded the room!” she was glaring a dark glare like I should know what she was talking about and I could not believe that it was true.

“THE room?” I shuttered thinking that this might be a lie that I knew was something else.

“Yes,” Was the only word that Luna could say then as a rush on needing action of what happened before washed over me like a sudden wave.

Looks like the path is about to catch up again. Huh, Heflin? I said and turned to get her opinion as I got to the floor.

“I know None. We have to get out now or there might be no one left. No more gifted, no more future. Arrow, she was right and we just have everyone.” Heflin stuttered trying not to lose her mental toughness and I knew that she was breaking down because of the news of just the seriousness that this had become.

“I know Heflin,” I took over where she left off as I knew that a flame of determination relight inside me, but then I started to think about my friends that helped up the first time and the flame almost fizzled out. “But how can we do this without Friar, or the rest of the group?” I asked and Heflin put a calm arm as if we were giving her support but it was the exact opiate.  But I saw a flaw and I became on the defensive towards my own sister.

“ What do you mean? Turn us into toys?” I screamed thinking that she had gone out of her mind.

“NO! “ She screamed at me and letting a pause hoping that no one heard her and then went on.” I mean maybe we can fake our deaths.”

“Heflin are you CRAZY?” I snapped at her thinking that she had lost it and I knew that I was starting to feel pity for poor Luna, for she was in the middle of this and no way out other than ask us for help.

“Well what else are we supposed to do, sit here?” She said and then hushed her voice making both of us intensively listen. “This place should be easy to escape right? There the basement and the passage way that has to lead somewhere and possibly out and if we can find that we are home free.” Heflin said and I was surprised that she knew about that because all I knew was the passage way between the basement and the playroom but that was all. But then Luna chimed in concerned that I never thought that she had, but I never knew.

“What about the others and the creatures? Our friends are here! Our fiends might already toys and there are very few of is that are still breathing in our original skin…” Luna started to panic as I gotten down to her stature and knew I was making a war cry.

“Take as many as you can! Let the rest know whether they are toys or not. We need an army. I am starting an uprising.” I said and hope glistened in all or our eyes and beings for that moment.

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