Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


17. section 17

We came to the city and it was like we left it or more of the city-town because the skyscrapers touched the sky but there was still little business everywhere but there was no one out as a peace of trash rolled in front of them.

“Where is everyone?” Heflin asked as we went through the streets without a clue where we were going other than I recognized the stalls from the carnival that I regret coming to since it was more of a distraction than a important way to go.

I carefully stepped with my sister as we still made though the lonesome streets. I wanted them to find us so we can keep moving forward but I shouldn’t had wished that since a small girl came up to us and smiled kindly. Her salt and pepper hair told us that she might be a gifted as well as her super skinny body that showed that she had been in testing or in hiding for quite a long while since she looked wilted and desperate in her voice when she spoke and run as I watched her a little as she came closer.

“You None?” she asked and then ran away after her silver eyes looked at my Marc and sharpened her eyes before she turned. Her body faded in front of our eyes and sent chills down my spine.

“Gifted, Obviously.” I thought as Heflin started to fallow her and I Heflin while the girl raced through the empty streets. I wanted to stop fallowing Heflin and the girl as she faded away and then reappeared just ahead of them with her marc being the last thing that the two see with the twisting swirls that go into one another and then fade into a starry cloud of dust.

The girl laughed as we fallowed the girl through the empty streets in till we came to the empty building. It was gray and scaled to the sky with no words to mention what it is in the daylight but it does look like several people live in it as the girl disappeared again in a giggly playful laugh. I didn’t feel comfy with the laugh that she left us with since it was a creepy laugh that you would hear in horror films that would send chills down your spine instead of playful.

“I wonder if they paid freedom.”  Heflin said and I stared at her in wonder since I knew that the holding facility had done that before, Trading something for the person’s life or even freedom to roam the halls or even the earth itself.

“I hope so, this girl is little and this isn’t too bad... so far.” I muffled knowing that the trade was possibly done before the poor soul gave it a second thought.

“None, why would you say such a thing? You know that just looking at this gifted she is about the same age as Ti if not younger.” Heflin hissed at me and in my mind she does have a right to because of my statement.

“It might not be as bad as we think but what are we to judge since we might be both correct.”  I sighed as I stared at the dreary building. As I felt my heart run a little faster and knowing that Heflin is scared as well since the building looked habited with its lights glowing in every other window and possibly trapped gifted looking outside seeing another one of them take the long hide to giving up hope of the normal life to silently commence the life of dyeing and being captured.

“Shall we go in?” Heflin asked as she came forth and had her eyes starting to glow red for protection.

“I think you shall girls.” The voice behind us was from a voice that I heard from a not so distant past. The southern tone was obvious to me that my past enemy had found me to get me inside of the place that we need to be or where it would be a shame that we have become toys. But it caught Heflin so off-guard that her eyes returned to normal as I retreated my sword.

I turned to feel Miss Aberdeen’s hand on my shoulder as it felt like she might as well be putting extra cold ice down my back as if I wasn’t already nervous about this mission that I had put us in. I looked towards Heflin as Miss Aberdeen scooted us inside and she looked like vary little of this is fazing her at all as we went on in.

The holding facility looked more like a jail than anything I remembered the doors were locked shut as we passed the front desk and into the hallways that were still painted white. Wooden doors looked like jail stalls to me while children raced to see the newish kids that were coming in. I glanced at the fallen to excited faces that I passed through the halls. The silence was ire and unfulfilling in till we stopped at one of the door and the doc was standing in the middle of the room. Miss Aberdeen smiled a creepy smile as she slowly opened the door and showed us in.

“So given up on your quest girls.” He laughed as he singled Miss Aberdeen to shut the door that made both of us jump in our skins.

“No we are just making sure that we can have the numbers and just…” I started to ramble and Heflin cut me off.

“Just that we can’t seem to find a strong leader.” Heflin lied and I can see the same smirk grow on his face that made me nervous since the only thing that is going through my head was a mix between the questions of have she given up? And is she giving me to the enemy?

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