Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


12. section 12

"Arrow!" I called but something felt right to just leave her alone for a while as I glared at Heflin.

 "Don't go after her." she said as I can hear the rest of the army come towards us wondering what is going on. I just stared at the hologram and fought the urge to destroy it. It's simple and portable design meant that it could be easily be carried.

 Milo came close to us and saw me put the device in my pocket. His facial expression was with disappointment that I knew that arrow had told him that it was a hoax. Since he was shuffling his feet and looking down. I wanted to let him hold me and whispered the lie that the government or whomever done this unthinkable trick.

 "We lost." I hear him say and I knew he was right. We did loose and the war had ended but then one thing popped in my mind that the real world can't come in here without getting through the land so how could they set it up unless there is another way here.

 "But how could they do this?" I feel the words slip from my mouth as the thought bubble became too big for my mind. Milo nodded his head saying that he heard me but just didn't want to comment. I turned around from the entrance to face the diamond behind me the stone carving looked off just a smite to resemble something was there but I wasn't sure what. I got closer to the diamond I touched the stone slowly like I was stroking an animal gently that I have just met. I paid attention to the texture till I felt something off. I brushed off a bit of red dust that the cave had all over the place and noticed it was a door to somewhere. I glanced behind me to see Heflin grinning from ear to ear almost jumping out of her shoes to help it go faster. I noticed the hand hole and looked at what I've done. I wanted to stop but I finished the job by putting my right hand in the hole and I could feel something attach to my hand. I pulled my hand and it was stuck inside. I felt panic rush through me again as I felt something attach to my skin. I jerked again hoping to brake free but it was useless. "I'm stuck!"  I called as I started to twitch my arm to where if I'm just inches away from being free I would break away but it was just a dream for now.

 Heflin noticed that I was panicking and came over my shoulder. "Breathe." She said and I felt safe with her by me. All fear seamed to drain out of me and onto the floor as she gently touched my arm just outside the locking hole soon Milo joined doing the same thing that Heflin did without a word. I settled down and in my mind I am thinking that there is only one way for it to let go. I quickly glanced at my comrades and slowly tuned my arm to the right but the door wouldn't budge so I tried the left and easily turned the mechanics inside. The yellow gold line scurried from my hand and wrist and carved lines that turned circle. Circle and shapes turned into pictures that illuminated the diamond. Soon I heard a click as my arm shot out of the hold and made me stumble backwards and had my friends catch me as I lost my footing as I tripped on my own two feet.

My eyes immediately locked on the picture that my power had created even though I have no idea how.   The girl holding the small earth faded into the stone and a latch rumbled saying that it was unlocked.

 I clenched my hands around the door opening and tugged the stone open which was difficult at first but staidly went with me revealing a dark room that looked like a tomb.  Out coves that held skeletons and rags inside them to be old caskets for old bones that we have disturbed. My foot scraped on the floor as I took point I jumped back and glanced down.

 An arm was at my feet that I had turned over and i wondered if these people had Marcs as well.

 "Heflin, can you get me a light?" I asked and Heflin huffed since she had been giving life to our fires since we've gotten out of the institution. She manage to free a torch from the holster that still had a small flame of life but was dying in front of us in till  Heflin used her power on the flame making it glow brighter than ever.  I grasped the torch that she handed me.

 "Now don't give us a hard time and bring these to life." I teased and smiled as Heflin smiled. I could hear a small chuckle from her as she used her powers to shoot the flames onto the ceiling and making me drop the torch at the surprise.

 Heflin busted out laughing at her prank as she calmly grabbed the torch. I could hear Milo snicker behind me. I smiled and held the torch to the skeletal arm and hand that was still attached to each other. The Carving showed a small cat that was tracking something since it was hunched over and tracks were before the animal.

 "Marcs." I mouthed and moved to another arm that was hanging from a different corpse. The carving was a bird that was sitting on a branch looking lovely as ever but was gray and rotted from years of sitting. There was no stench since all the flesh from all of the bodies were gone and disintegrated. I went deeper into the cave and studied each hanging arm that I knew I could see without disturbing the bodies. “They all have Marcs." I concluded and noticed an opening towards the back of the hallway. I slowly crept to that same opening I noticed that small light was sunlight. I peered through the whole and saw the city like this mountain was the dividing the world of toys to the real world or to shorten the route to become animals. Whatever the reason this is blocked off to be forgotten. "It’s the city!" I cried and Heflin almost yanked me out of the way to see but I fallowed her pull but still managed to trip and fall into a dead person's torso and hearing a few bones crack under my wait. "Gross." I thought as I slowly got up and dusted myself off.

"This is amazing! I can't believe that the cave was just by the..." Heflin trailed then placed a hand on my shoulder.  "We have to ketch up with Arrow." she said and I agreed we had been here long enough. Milo and I started out but when we got to the diamond door I noticed that she wasn't fallowing us. I walked back a little bit and yelled for her to hurry. She came out a few minutes with a scraped left knee. "What happened?" I asked amazed that she gotten hurt as a trickle of blood scurries down her leg.

  "I tripped on someone's arm." she said and I accepted her excuse since I had almost done that myself.      She bent down and wiped off the blood she moved her hand up to the wound and made it quickly heal to a scab and then skin. Her powers had gotten stronger since we first started.

"Are you ok though?" I quickly asked and said she was fine and that we better hurry and she scurried ahead of us to the end of the cave.

 "Something's fishy." Milo said to me as we got out of the cave and I just shook it off knowing what I had to do next was to calm Arrow down.

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