Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


11. section 11

The cave was dark and cold there weren't any signs of disturbance for a long time. The cold draft made the cave whistle a silent song. The light ended and we were stuck since there wasn't a torch or a light anywhere.

 "There is still more to go. Come on." Arrow said pushing her way to the front. I grabbed her and held her down.

 "We don't know what is out there let me take front." I suggested and I found the switch that the little Arroven girl found that one night. I flipped it over and the dark cave illuminated into a bright shades of green that only I can see.

 "Why? How?" Milo asked and I just looked at him and taped my mechanical eye. He seemed to have gotten the message since he didn't speak till later. I lead them deeper and deeper into the cave. I felt scared since we didn't find anything in till I heard snoring.  It was loud and deep almost like it was in a deep slumber but when I saw the creature.

 The cavern was bigger than I expected the creature was larger way larger than we all expected almost covering the whole cavern which was three stories wide and up. The monster was asleep on mosaic that was on the floor of something like a star but I wasn't sure. The darker spots were on the creatures back and legs. I was amazed that the creature was here right in front of us and Arrow was right once again and I knew I owed her an apology.

 Soon the monster started to stir and wake. Little flames started to illuminate the walls around us revealing the paintings of animals of every shape and size that you could of imagined was on those walls were walking, playing, sleeping, flying and everywhere and right behind it, a giant diamond like structure that I guess was the soul crystal and showing the war we should have been in. Instead we should be cats, dogs, birds, bugs or any other creature other than toys.

 "Who dares disturb my slumber?" a dark and deep voice rumbled through the cave and intimidated me to where I tiptoed back and ran into another solder that I forgot that he was in our squad.

 "Tis I, Arrow. I bring the profit with me to destroy you." Arrow sounded standing sturdy and unafraid. I reached and turned off my night vision and moved right behind her. Arrow stepped aside to reveal me behind her.

 "She looks nothing like I have seen. So changeable, so unworthy." the monster lifted his head to show years of hundreds of years of being in the same aria. I was annoyed from his statement but not enough to charge at the thing. "But who am I to judge? I've been sitting here locked in this tunnel by a field of ancientness since the beginning of the curse." he sighed.

 "Common None just end this." Arrow whispered in my ear.

I carefully nudged forward as my heart somehow found its way into my throat. I was fighting nerves since I never killed anything before. I clenched my sword which felt cold and heartless. Everything started to feel like it was a dream as a haze started to cloud my mind that was planted by me.

"None I'm not sure." Heflin grabbed me by the shoulder. But I shook her off.

"It’s now or never." I said to her and she let me go silently.

 The monster looked directly at me with gray, snowy eyes that reflected me and I saw something that I've seen before but haven't realized till now.

 I saw the little lost child that had turned into a killing person in those sad eyes. I slowly raised my right hand to my mechanical right eye and realized I still have my sword. I looked down at it and stumbled backward as the monster laughed like he saw a hilarious joke in front of him as he reared back. “Poor profit, can't kill what you are technically supposed to kill nor are you?" the monster said now on all four feet. It was taller than me but still just as mystical as before.

 I looked at the ground the mosaic looked dimmer like it knew that I failed.  "What was that about?" I could hear Heflin behind me having the same thoughts as everyone else. I am a joke and it was not what i wanted them to think that I was a wimp.

 "So you are afraid young one?" it called and I looked up and then jumped since the monster was now face to face with me. Its mouth was pointed and slanted down word while its large cloud like eyes looked unimpressed.

 "No. I'm not. Just amazed." I squeezed out while I am just running through my mind a way out without making a fool of myself another words I was terrified. My heart was thumping in my chest and thinking what to say next.

 "At what? That I know about you profit. Or that my time has ended. Although there is not much left anyway for us." it said as it looked away. I gently nodded as I started to feel a small bit of confidence show though me. I looked at the defeated thing and wondered why it surrendered like that.

I looked again at my group. They were existed to see that the monster at its weakest state and I haven't done anything to it. I figured I might as well end it since all we have done is chat. I drew my sword again and accidently flipped a switch on my eye gear and it changed my vision to half normal half the night vision again. I stuttered a little as I realized a bright shining light that came from the center of the monster that was surprisingly transparent and was illuminated from the inside. I had a suspicion of something that Heflin said last night that this might be fake since you think the protector of the Marc would put up a good fight but this one is as much of a downhearted wimp as me. I raised my sword and made myself look away and sliced through its neck. It wrenched and staggered backwards and I could see the body fade just a little through my night vision side and it dimmed like an electric surge.

 Arrow drew her bow and began to fire upon the thing firing one after the other only to hear it cling behind it. I could hear arrow behind me get stubborn and waste shot after shot trying to get some sort of effect from the monster but I guess my sword is the only thing that the monster reacts to. I smiled a mysterious smirk and ordered to hold fire to Arrow.

 Her face was covered in anger and sweat. As she readied another arrow into her hands and bow I could tell that she can't see what I'm seeing but I have the night-ish vision or whatever other vision settings my mechanical eye has. I wanted to explain to her what my suspicion was but I just looked at the monster and just walked straight through.

 The skin felt like little beads fizzing onto my skin as I passed. The inside looked like a tent that had spotlights moving to adjust the monster's movements. I could see a faded outlook of all the spots and holes for the head, legs and tail. In the middle of the spotlights was one main projector that was controlling the whole thing.

The center of the mosaic star was a person and in the middle of her chest was the world was the hologram projector. I was amazed that Heflin was right. The whole idea of the monster might be just that, a sham.

 "It's fake." I whispered a bundle of rage hit me. The story, my life, it could be just a showy sham. I dug my sword deep into one of the crevices and wiggled the device free and snatched it up.  I looked at the thing and started to think if I should destroy it. But just before I threw it on the ground I feel something on my shoulder. I broke down in tears and knelt on top of the mosaic. I held the projector in my hands as I could hear Arrow right at my ear and immediately stood as we switched roles as I could hear her in my ear and then rushing out of the cave.

"I'm wrong"

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