Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


14. sction 14

The grassy fields felt foreign to me as I could see the tents of our base in the distance and Ti was sitting on the hill that was overlooking the path we took to the cave.

 She must had gotten new close since her white dress turned into body fitting close that were long patchwork pants and her top part of her dress that had turned into a shirt. Her blond curls bounced as she greeted us. I could tell that she was excited to see us as she accidently tripped on her own two feet and rolled her way down but  was still bouncing as she got to us and looked up as Heflin came to her aid.

 I noticed that friar was behind Arrow but Ti must had distracted me when she fell as he smirked and put his finger to his lips telling me to be quiet about him as he got to her ear and said , "so I see that everyone made it back alive."

 Arrow twitched and almost elbowed Friar in the face, although his side wound makes him still walk with a slight limp. He still can dodge a flying elbow with precision but fell.  "Arrow it's me!" he hollered as he slowly got up from the hard ground. Ti started to laugh hysterically at Arrow's reaction.

I saw nothing funny with the situation knowing that we needed to focus on the mission at hand. But still answering the question he had wouldn't slow us down much.

 "One almost didn't make it back without much of a fight." Milo said looking at Arrow and making her lift an eyebrow saying that Milo was about to cross her boundary line but he didn't heave her warning by continuing the conversation. "It was a cat fight that I would never forget!" he said and friar got existed.

 "So what about the monster? I still have my Marc!" he asked as his eyes glistened with hope. I reached in and showed him the gadget. His mouth dropped at the item that was in front of me just in arms reach. "This can't be it. This can't be in that cave that you found." he stuttered as his eyes went between Heflin, Milo, Arrow then back to me.

 "Unfortunately." I sighed as I looked at all the defeated faces before me. If it was a few days ago we still would be under Arrow's rule but now I know she is incapable of making these kinds of designs for now till the shock waves off even after that I'm not sure Arrow would be her old self!

 "But that doesn't mean we're done. We just need another plan." I perked up as I tried to do the same to the group. But they were moping  on the fact that we just might had lost. I sighed and snatched the device out of Friar's hand.

 "What are you doing?" he gasped as I started making a beeline to Gweno's tent.  I didn't care what was being said behind me as I marched through a firing range and saw pebbles wiz before me and behind me like flames trying to strike me down but I kept going in till one struck me in the arm and I stopped dead in my tracks and shot a heated glare. The small clown had bigger eyes than what it was given while it swiped it's slingshot behind its back. I started to put one foot towards  the sorrowful soul but thought otherwise since I was as much at fault as the clown and turned my heals to my task. I could hear the poor thing sigh thinking that it just dodged a bullet with me but all honesty I thought nothing of it.

 I dashed across the small camp of other toys that were cooking a meal but I went right across them. Finally I made to his tent and barged in without a care of what they were going to say.

 Gweno and his group of comrades were around the same map as if time stood still with them gone to when I got back.  They were just fishing up something like the front had moved or something when I busted though the tent curtains.

 The room fell silent as I went through and Gweno gave me a stern look like I wasn't supposed to be there. I glanced around and noticed tiny eyes grow bigger as a whisk of wind whistled threw saying that the floor is now mine while someone coughed and I lost my nerve till I felt the hologram in my palm. I could feel the rage warm up inside me as I finally slammed the gadget on the table that was in front of them and slid it to the direct center of the table. "There’s your monster! The Marc betrayed you! “I said to them and went directly out of the tent, leaving them speechless and barging through Arrow and Heflin on the way out.

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