Why Does It Matter


1. Equals

They breath the same Oxygen

They eat the same quinoa 

Thew sleep in the same darkness that embodies us at night

They are the same as us


They work in the zealous manner that we do

They have picnics in Wanakenna 

They have family reunions with the joyousness that we do

They are the same as us


They have kids who butcher the same names that we do

They are have husbands and wives who greet them with the loving kiss that makes us dexterous

They have houses and apartments where the laughing and mourning take place

They are the same as us


They are family, who we cherish so dearly

They are friends, with pleasurable stories of their day

They change the way we think, making us more intellectual in what we do

They are the same as us


Why do we tell them no?

They all have hearts of gold and silver, painted with kindness

They are the same as us


Why do we judge them?

They look the same

They all have family's

They make a difference

They are the same as us


They re the men and women who don't receive the same treatment as us.

They can't get legally married, to have the euphoria that everyone else gets

They don't get the same rights as us

And yet

They are the same as us


They are GAY


And yet, They are the same as us.

But we treat them different than us

The lifestyle that the live is different that the 'norm'

but so do the Native Americans and the French and Chinese

What right do we have to tell them no


We wrote the Constitution hundreds of years ago

And we had no problem with how the people lived

Why should have a problem now?

Why now?


They are the men and women that serve this country, to give us the freedom that we strived for

They DESERVE equality

It is not our job, our right, to tell them no.

They make the decisions of their OWN life

Not us, not the government



So let them be gay

Let them get married, have the ceremonies that they want

Let them be who they are.

We can not change the way they are

So we must accept them, for every bone, every belief, every thought in their body


Make them apart of our world, our lives

Without judging them


They are the same as us


For Michell and Ricky

Love, K


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