Engraved In Our Hearts *Punk Niall*

She was broken, although maybe she didn’t know it yet, she seemed cruel, cold and hard on the exterior but no one really knew who she was on the inside. He had a hard life, hated by people who were supposed to love him and rejected. Society thought of them both the same way, simply trouble. They both hated each other, they were enemies and they were nothing alike, or so they thought, what happens when Adelaide saves Niall from something she had caused but loses the people she used to call family? What happens when she tries to start a new life away from her previous one and more importantly away from people like Niall? Will she really be able to leave it behind or will her past haunt her forever?


1. Prologue

Adelaide’s POV:
“Bring him in,” I ordered my men as they nodded their heads obeying my order and dragged him into the room. And by him, I meant Niall Horan, the leader of the Kings. Our gangs have been rivals for as long as I can remember, there’s always been conflict between the Scorpions and the Kings, and now we finally have their leader in our hands, they’re gonna be helpless without him and my plan’s gonna be perfectly in place tonight. He was limp in their arms as they threw him harshly on the ground. I glanced at him momentarily then signalled for my men to leave.
“You can leave now, I’ll take care of the rest, if I need anything I’ll call you in,” I smirked eyeing up Niall who was lying down on the floor unconscious, his arms bound together behind his back and blindfolded. I can finally torture him, make him feel the pain I felt when his father killed mine, the best part about being in this gang is that I’m the leader; I’m the person in control. I came closer to Niall and hauled him up tying him down to the chair that I specifically placed in the corner of the room. Now the only thing left is to wake him up. I slapped his face hard multiple times until he groaned loudly. The strange thing though is that there’s a part of me that didn’t want to do this, to this moment, I still feel like I don’t fit in, I have never aspired to be in a gang whatsoever in my life, but despite that fact, here I am, leading a whole pack loaded with gang members. I’ve been working on this plan for a while, my mother wanted me to get revenge, revenge for my father’s death on the hand of Niall’s dad, and she thought that the best way to do it was to finish off his gang, the gang he created then handed over to his son on a silver plate, then later on kill his son, which was my mission.
“Ugh, where am I,” Niall finally noticed that he’s tied to a chair and started panicking and thrashing around in his seat.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you..... Niall,” I spoke, venom dripping from my mouth with every word I spoke. The hatred that I’ve always contained for his father becoming visible with every single syllable I uttered
“Who the fuck are you?” He yelled in frustration due to the blindfold that was blocking his vision. I grabbed his chin forcing his face towards mine then ripped off the blindfold watching as his eyes grew wide with recognition. When he saw my face he smirked at me. That stupid smirk that made we want to smack him.
“Ooh Aids, didn’t expect to see you here,” he started laughing causing me to kick him in the guts. Niall for some unknown reason loved taunting me about my name, he liked ticking me off and driving me insane, but I knew that by the end of the day, that smirk on his face would be replaced with a frown, possibly even tears. For a guy such as Niall though, I think he’ll be able to still act tough, he barely ever showed any emotion anyways other than that smirk that I always seem to have the urge to rub off his face, and he did have a shit load of tattoos and piercings as well. He had a sleeve tattoo, created with different coloured drawings that probably symbolised something to him and he had an eye brow and lip piercing. He had mesmerising dark blue eyes, and dyed blonde hair that was sitting on top of his head in a perfect quiff. Most girls seem to find his style, attractive and intriguing, but I on the other hand find it horrendous and extremely unattractive. I was one of the only gang members with absolutely no tattoos and piercings and I liked to keep it that way. I snapped out of my daze and turned my attention back to Niall who started speaking, his Irish accent coming out thicker than expected.
“Wow, you’ve got some punches on ya,” he spoke sarcastically. Niall never failed to get on my nerves so I knew what I would do next to make him shut his mouth.
“I’d shut up if I were you pretty boy,” I grabbed a fistful of his hair in my hand. It absolutely killed me how he managed to keep a straight face on, he didn’t wince, didn’t at all show any sign that would prove that what I’m doing to him is affecting him in any shape or form. Any other person in his situation would probably be either crying or begging for mercy, but Niall didn’t at all seem to swap his emotions with a frightened expression which is something I envied him for to a very great extent. Niall once again put a stop to the thoughts that were playing back and forth in my head.
“And what are you gonna do about it,” he taunted causing me to smirk. I took the gag I had in my pocket and showed it to him.
“I’ll force you to shut up,” I looked down at him quirking an eyebrow in confusion whilst his chest vibrated with laughter.
“Go ahead lo- mhhh,” I grabbed the gag and shoved it in his mouth ripping a piece of tape and forcefully pressing it onto his lips to make sure he wouldn’t be able to make a peep. I really wasn’t in the mood for any of his sarcastic remarks, or his fake demonstration of affection. He looked so helpless stuck to that chair and it made me happy, it made me feel powerful, like I own him,  which I kind of do now, he’s my rag doll now, and soon enough, I’ll hopefully be digging his grave. I might sound cruel and cold, even heartless, but I’ll never forget my father’s death, I couldn’t even dispose of its image in any shape or form, especially when I was the one who witnessed it. That’s why I’m so tough now, so that I have the power to protect the people I love and care about, even though there aren’t a lot of them left. My dad’s death was all my fault, if I knew how to defend myself, if I just knew how to discharge a gun shot, then my dad would’ve been alive by now, I would’ve had the ability and strength to save him, but no. I was a helpless defenceless little girl, who didn’t know anything about weaponry or self defence, and since that moment, I knew that that had to change; I had to leave behind and turn away from that character inside me throw back all my emotions. And so I did, and that’s what caused me to become who I am now.
“Awe, poor helpless Niall, he can’t afford to do anything to defend himself,” I pouted tauntingly as he screamed some cuss words into the rag.
“Mhmmmmh,” he tried to speak but I couldn’t understand anything from what he said.
“Not so tough now are we? It’s time to have some fun with you,” my lips quirked whilst I called in Steve and John. Steve and John where practically my left hand in this gang. They always had my back and assisted me since I joined it. And when I made it to the top of the ladder, I made sure that they were right by my side.
“Boys, bring in the bucket,” I ordered as they grabbed the bucket that was filled with water from the room. This was one of my favourite methods of torture, any other person would prefer a gun or blade to slowly hear the victim release violent and uncontrollable screams, but I preferred hearing the victim gasp for air and beg for mercy unable to take hold of their breath. They came and placed the bucket in front of Niall’s head of course leaving me to do the honours. If there’s anything I enjoy about this job, its torturing people, especially ones that looked like Niall.
“I’m finally gonna get revenge on you Horan,” I spoke eagerly grabbing his head and drowning it in the water.
“Mhmhmhmh,” I could hear him scream whilst he tried to get out of the ropes with all the force he has. When I felt that he was losing his breath I hauled his head out of the water. I could hear his ragged intake of air as he gasped making me smile in complete and utter satisfaction. For once in my life I felt like I conquered the world. I saw the fear in Niall’s eyes as I dunked his head in the water again, just hearing him and seeing him struggle made me so happy. He was a toy in my hands nothing more nothing less and I’m gonna enjoy that. I repeated the same process constantly until my fun fest was interrupted by none other than my brother Jace. Jace was a handsome young boy. I was two years older than him leaving him at the age of sixteen, but despite his young age, he’s always been much more tolerant when it comes to killing innocent lives than me, and he wasn’t affected much when our father died, although he was only eight at the time. If people thought I was merciless, then they haven’t seen Jace yet, with his huge biceps, dirty blonde hair that was always swept to the side, and intimidating dark unforgiving blue eyes he could take down two people of Niall’s size with one snap of a finger, and his anger issues wouldn’t have made it any more entertaining if he was the one that had hold of Niall right now. Jace had begged me to let him deal with Niall but I knew that if I left Niall to him he’d probably kill him spot on and destroy our plan, which was something I wasn’t willing to let happen. I snapped my head towards him motioning for him to start speaking.
“Adds, someone broken into the HQ,” my younger brother Jace informed me, but I wasn’t at all shocked, in fact, this was part of my plan. I turned around to face Niall and saw his famous smirk return to his face, and right then I knew that they were coming for him, but I had already planned for that and I wasn’t gonna let him go after I finally got my hands on him. I was gonna destroy the kings forever, and I knew that Niall was the perfect choice of bait.
“Steve, get me the chloroform rag, Jace go prepare the helicopter, we’re performing the plan,” I instructed whilst Niall’s smirk fell off his face. I came closer to him and ripped the tape off his mouth, and then I grabbed the rag that was wrapped around his mouth and pulled it down.
“You’re not going anywhere honey,” I assured him after slapping him across the face causing a thud to erupt in the basement where he was being held.
“They’ll save me,” he once again tried to get out of the ropes, his large muscular arms trying to dig their way to freedom, but I made sure that he wasn’t gonna get out them,  letting Niall escape was definitely not part of my agenda. I’ve always been an organised girl, I liked everything to go according to plan, everything has to be jotted down with paper and pen and numbered carefully before any action is performed, especially when it comes to something as important as this. I glanced at Niall though, feeling a bit of grievance towards him due to the words that were about to slip straight through my mouth and make a big hole in his heart, if he even had one, but then I slid that feeling behind my back, trapping it in the form of a shadow that was hopefully never to see the light again and took a step towards him, prying my lips apart to release the words that I knew where bound to come.  
“I don’t think so, they’re not gonna make it out when I blow this place up” I whispered then clamped the chloroformed rag over his mouth not wanting to witness his reaction. Niall was enraged, his face went red and he struggled with all his might to even make a sound come out of his lips, to warn his family, but it wasn’t working well for him.
“M-m-m naughty boy, holding in your breath won’t last for long.” I taunted pressing the chloroform rag harder on his face wanting him to just slip out of conscious so that I can stop letting the strong scent of guilt overwhelm me. He ignored my words and went on with trying to hold in his breath as much as possible but as I assumed he failed miserably. His eyes eventually drooped and his head hung limp in the air, leaving only silence to attend. I untied the ropes from around his swollen; rope burned wrists then blindfolded him not bothering with tying him back up considering that I knew he wouldn’t wake up until an hour or two. I carried Niall on my back and ran out of the room with Steve and John following behind. Niall was a pretty heavy guy so I handed him over to Steve and John, who seemed to handle the job of carrying him at much more ease. It wasn’t hard making it onto the roof safely where the helicopter awaited us, I had made sure that an easy pathway was organised for us to be able to escape. Both Steve and John roughly threw Niall in the back and I sat in the pilot seat with Jace. Steve and John were at the back with Niall tying him back up and gagging him again. This is gonna be a long trip but that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna enjoy it.

“John,” I spoke then hesitated. Jace glanced at me from the corner of his eye, chuckling at my expected behaviour, and then decided that it was best to speak on my behalf.
“Blow it up,” He commanded him. And just with these three simple words, Niall’s gang was gone, officially over; he was the only thing left of it.
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