Engraved In Our Hearts *Punk Niall*

She was broken, although maybe she didn’t know it yet, she seemed cruel, cold and hard on the exterior but no one really knew who she was on the inside. He had a hard life, hated by people who were supposed to love him and rejected. Society thought of them both the same way, simply trouble. They both hated each other, they were enemies and they were nothing alike, or so they thought, what happens when Adelaide saves Niall from something she had caused but loses the people she used to call family? What happens when she tries to start a new life away from her previous one and more importantly away from people like Niall? Will she really be able to leave it behind or will her past haunt her forever?


3. Chapter 2

Adelaide’s POV:
I sighed softly for what seemed like the millionth time today, no matter what I did for some reason I could not get Niall off my mind whatsoever, despite his repulsing tattoos and piercings, he does have the most breath taking blue orbs I’ve ever laid eyes on since I’ve first opened my eyes to this world. He also has the most perfectly styled blonde hair, it almost seemed sculpted, to real to be true, I would love to tangle my fingers in it and see how it feels like. I shook my head at myself, a couple of months ago I hated Niall Horan’s guts but now I’ve saved his life, and I’m lying down on my fluffy bed day dreaming about his face. I huffed to myself in confusion, there’s only one thing I could do that would get my mind off him, Bella. I hauled myself off my bed and lazily dragged my feet across the carpeted floor of my bedroom and towards my phone in the living room, hurriedly punching in the number of my best friend that I’ve grown to memorise over the course of the past month. The ringing sound across on the line seemed to slow for my liking, but at the end, Ella finally ended my misery and decided to pick up.
“Hello Ads!” She chirped through the phone causing me to silently groan due to her overly cheerful attitude. Bella could only be described as the complete opposite of myself, while I was reserved, extremely organised, and lazy. She always seemed to be extremely happy, and she could be one of the most unorganised people I know as well. The most surprising part of her book though would be the fact that she absolutely despises tea and coffee yet has the energy of two turbo engines combined together.
“How are you doing Ella?” I politely questioned wanting to seem interested in what’s actually gotten her so happy, when in reality I actually wasn’t.
“I’m good! Was just about to call you actually! Guess what?!” She squealed loudly into the phone making me slightly wince at her tone.
“What?” I replied flatly not even bothering to hide my disinterest in the topic this time. If there’s one thing about Bella that I don’t really like, is her love for gossip, I’ve never been a type of girl interested in any of it since I knew that seventy five percent of it is just rumours, but even though Bella is my closest friend she sadly still fails to understand the amount of hate I hold for it.
“We’re gonna be having a new transfer student coming over to Sheffield high!!” She started babbling about him and how she’s praying he’d be good looking and so on. I practically zoned her out for the rest of the conversation up until the moment I ended the call regretting the fact that I had even called her to begin with.  I irritably tapped my nails on my small wooden coffee table, but after a while I managed to calm myself down and came to an abrupt stop. Even though I was not very interested in what Bella said, I couldn’t help but wonder what the new guy would be like, maybe he would be an asshole like most of the guys in our school, or he could be one of the very few guys in our school who actually treat girls with respect. I got off the couch deciding to end my train of thoughts at this stage, I out of all people knew that there was no point of giving things you don’t really know much thought, because every time I’ve done that, I only ended up with one thing, that would be disappointment. It seemed as if I was repeating everything in circles, because I once again found myself lying down on my bed, hugging the duvet to my chest and resting my head on my baby blue pillow. There was only one different thing in the situation this time, I slowly found myself letting go of reality and drifting off into what I hoped would be a beautiful nightmare.
Heyyyy everybody!! So I know this chapter was a bit short but I have to do loads of artist studies today for my art coursework and I also have to go shopping -_- so bare with me, things are going to be getting more interesting in the next few chapters so stay on your toes ;) And expect the unexpected, I will try to make this story as less stereotypical as possible, and I'm trying so hard to create a unique, believable story line at the same time, so I will try to give you my best shot in every chapter! I love you guys! And please dont forget to leave me a comment after your done because it really does motivate me :) xxx
-Hagar :P

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