Engraved In Our Hearts *Punk Niall*

She was broken, although maybe she didn’t know it yet, she seemed cruel, cold and hard on the exterior but no one really knew who she was on the inside. He had a hard life, hated by people who were supposed to love him and rejected. Society thought of them both the same way, simply trouble. They both hated each other, they were enemies and they were nothing alike, or so they thought, what happens when Adelaide saves Niall from something she had caused but loses the people she used to call family? What happens when she tries to start a new life away from her previous one and more importantly away from people like Niall? Will she really be able to leave it behind or will her past haunt her forever?


2. Chapter 1

Adelaide's  POV:
I tapped my broken pencil on the desk trying to concentrate on my algebra homework. But I couldn't get what happened to me last month out of my head. It was as if it's engraved there forever carved into the back of my head and there was no way to rid of it. It was like an annoying disrupting presence that's distracting you from all the chores and tasks you must do.  I guess it wasn't easy, but I can't blame it on him. It was all my choice I'm the one who decided to rescue him, and I had to face the consequences, and losing my family was the bargain. I don't even know why I did it, but what's done is done no matter what though I can't stop thinking about that day.
​​​“It’s been a long day sis, I’m gonna go get some rest,” Jace remarked as we sat on the couch of our apartment in New York. Niall was strapped to the bed in my room and Steve and John had left after they've completed their job. I don’t know what I would do without these two; they were my most trust worthy men. I was now in my pajamas sitting on the couch and flicking through the channels when I heard groans and muffled screams coming from my bedroom indicating that Niall has woken up. I smirked to myself as I placed my feet on the carpeted floor and unlocked the bed room door.
“I see that you’re awake Niall, you did sleep quite a bit,” I looked at him whilst he struggled on the bed. I took off the blind fold that was wrapped around his eyes to be met with his beautiful blue ones. I know that I’m supposed to hate Niall but I couldn’t help but think like any other girl that he was very handsome.
“It’s a shame that your gang’s dead really isn’t it?” I sick mindedly stroked his face and ripped the tape off his mouth.
“Don’t touch me!” He growled in my face. I ignored his words.
“Don’t fucking ignore me you bitch I swear- mhh,” I pressed the tape to his lips again.
“Listen here, I own you now, you follow my rules and you won’t get hurt, you better shut your pie hole if you want me to remove that tape off your mouth,” I spoke with clenched teeth whilst he looked at me rage swirling in his eyes. I reached down to pull the tape off his mouth again but he started yelling and cussing.
“You bitch you don’t own me, I’m telling you, my family’s gonna save me you little ass- mmm.”
“I told you, you son of a bitch will not speak to me like this and I told you before, you’re family’s dead d-e-a-d, get over yourself,” I yelled clamping my hand over his mouth as the rage in his eyes changed into sorrow and realization. He stopped struggling under my grip and went still. I actually felt slightly bad for him, when I lost my dad I felt like I lost the world but losing my own gang would take me to a whole new level. I had to keep up the act though, I couldn’t let him know that I sympathized with him
“Good boy,” I patted his head with my free hand,
“But you’re still gonna get punished for disobeying me,” I climbed on top of him to pin him down then grabbed a rag. When he saw it he started struggling and cussing again.
“You ass hole don’t fucking touch me you little-mhh,”I wrapped it around his mouth and pressed a fresh piece of tape onto his lips
“Now are you gonna listen to me tomorrow?” I asked but Niall simply ignored me turning his head away from me. 
“Answer me!!” I grabbed his chin forcing him to face me again.
“Mhm,” he spoke a muffled response.
“Good boy, now behave and maybe I’ll let you walk around in the bedroom tomorrow,” I emphasized on the word maybe whilst I made my way out of the room making sure to lock it in the process. I just love being in power.

 I stood in the kitchen preparing some breakfast for me Niall, and Jace. I was rethinking about Niall’s situation, he’s lost so much yesterday, his whole family and his freedom, if I were him I’d be feeling horrid right now. Maybe I should give Niall a chance, I mean, after all it was his dad who killed mine not him, and it wasn't his fault for that. I sighed as Jace came into the kitchen.
“Jace, I’ll take this food to Niall you help yourself,” I put the pancakes on a plate and poured Niall a cup of orange juice making my way to his room not even waiting to hear Jace’s grunts and moans. He was an extremely lazy person. I set the tray of food on the dresser beside the bed Niall was strapped in then took a look at his face shocked to be met by a pair of blood shot blue eyes. If I were in his situation I’d probably cry too but I thought he would hold it in better considering his bad boy image and the fact that he’s in a gang. I felt a pang of guilt hit me in the chest as I looked at his sealed lips and bound hands. I gently pried the tape off his mouth for the first time and looked at him.
“A-Are you crying?” I mentally cursed myself for asking such an unnecessary question. But Niall just ignored me; he just looked at me blankly. Another tear made its way down his face causing me to feel even guiltier than before but I tried to hide that.
“Fucking answer me or I’ll actually punish you!” I yelled but he still ignored me.
“Fine then have it your way,” I climbed on top of him and sealed his lips once more. I didn’t even feed him. I just left the food and called Jace over. 
“Jace, can you please deal with Niall today, I’m not in the mood,” I looked down at my feet as he smirked.
“Sure sis, I wanna play too,” he brushed his shoulder against mine as he entered Niall’s room. I sighed and made my way to the kitchen counter, taking my share of pancakes and starting to eat the food. After I finished eating and washed the dishes I decided to go check on Jace and Niall. As I neared towards the door I could hear the muffled screams coming from the room get louder which caused me to increase my pace. I knew it was wrong to leave Jace in there with him. My brother has a bit of anger issues; Niall must’ve ticked him off. I don’t blame him, Niall’s pretty annoying, but Jace might go too far, he might even kill him. The difference between me and Jace is that I know when to stop whilst he has no limits. I slammed the bedroom door open to find Jace on top of Niall multiply punching him in the face.
“Jace get the fuck off of him!” I yelled pushing him off the bed to see the image of Niall’s battered face. 
“For fuck’s sake Ads just let me finish him off, he’s better off dead anyways, his whole family’s gone,” Jace pounced on Niall.
“Jace I swear if you lay another finger on him you’ll get it, don’t you dare touch him,” I raised my voice as Jace dropped his fist in mid air.
“Get out Jace, you need to cool down,” I spoke sternly as he left the room. I closed the door and made my way over to Niall who was groaning in pain his voice muffled by the rag Jace had stuffed into his mouth.
“Are you alright?” I came closer to him taking the gag out of his mouth. He didn’t reply to me, he just simply looked at me again. I sighed making my way over to his feet and started working on the ropes binding them together. I could see the confusion that crossed over his features. After I was done with his feet, I padded across the room and started on his hands. I realised the huge amount of rope burns covering them. After I was done I motioned for him to get into a sitting position as I sat beside him on the bed.
“Are you hungry?” I asked softly, only to get the same response I got from him every time, silence.
“Please talk,” I fidgeted with my fingers trying to hold back my tears.
“What do you want me to fucking say?! No I’m not okay! My whole fucking family just died! And no I don’t want to eat!” He yelled as the tears slipped out of my eyes and stained my cheeks.
“I-I’m sorry,” I stuttered as he laughed dryly.
“Yeah, well I’m sorry too, just kill me Adelaid! Just fucking shoot me! Because I don’t wanna fucking live! Or you know what get your brother to do it so that it can die slowly and painfully,” he yelled tears streaming down his face. I was honestly shocked, I didn’t know what to do, how was I supposed to comfort him if I was the reason he’s in pain?
“D-Don’t cry, we can be your family, you won’t die, they weren't even blood related to you, y-your dad’s still alive,” I stuttered.
“My dad doesn't give a fuck about me Adelaide!” he screamed.
“B-But I care about you Niall, and I don’t want you to die,” I whispered scooting closer towards him.
“Yeah you care about me so much that you kidnapped me, dunked my head in water and strapped me to a bed for two days straight with a gag around my mouth,” he spoke sarcasm lacing his tone.
“Y-Yeah, but back then we were enemies; I only wanted revenge for my dad, but I-it’s not fair to kill you because you’re not the one who killed him,” I wrapped my arms around his neck feeling Niall’s body stiffen.
“I-I can take care of you Niall,” I whispered in his ear as he chuckled humorously.
“No!” He yelled pushing me away causing me to land on the floor, of course he was much stronger and more masculine that I am and that was why I always had to shut him down with chloroform every time I needed to move him.
“Just let me go, I promise I won’t bother you, I’ll just leave and never come back,” he whispered.
“I promise you and I swear on the name of my family that I will not try to harm you in anyway,” he whispered his head hanging low. I looked at him for a while examining him and his sad features then I sighed.
“F-Fine,” I stuttered, never did I know that we would cross paths again and Niall would actually protect me, that he would love me. This for sure, was not the last time I will cross paths with Niall James Horan.
​*Flash Back Over*
I sighed softly slamming my pencil down on my large, spacious wooden desk and  huffing in frustration. For some reason though I don't regret saving Niall James Horan. I'm living my life the way I want to now. After a while of suffering on the streets I managed to get a job as a journalist. I received a good income and now I'm here in my own apartment getting an education and doing what I've always loved, achieving my dream of becoming an artist​. I'm once more trying to forget about my past and let go. I have to admit, it's hard trying to let go of your family, but if they're not having trouble with it, I shouldn't be either. I do think everyday about what they're doing, if they're regretting at all forcing me to leave them, but there's something, or someone  else I've never stopped thinking about since the last time we've seen each other. That person would be, Niall James Horan

Here you guys!! First Official chapter of Engraved In Our Hearts. I do hope you enjoy it, and don't forget more comments= more updates. Love you all xxxx

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