Bullying Epidemic.

Bullying has gone on for years... it's too much and something has to be done about it.


1. My Voice.

When you think of bullying, what do you usually think of?

The snobby queen bee that won't let you sit at her table because you're not wearing the right clothes? The football jock who torments the guy who couldn't get on the team because he was too skinny? Maybe it's the rough motorcycle guy who barley looks at you and you're shaking and running in the othor direction.

But what about society?

What about the new trends that everyone tries to coppy just so that they seem 'normal' while they're striving to fit in?

People see 'teasing' as a lesser form of bullying. Some times, that is the case. But not always. You can never be too sure if the person you just called stupid stays up extra hours at night to study.

And most of the people, when they say they're 'teasing' they're actually just straight up bullying.

A lot of times, television news brodcasts, when there is talk of bullying, it is because that life, that innocent life, finally gave up and took their own life.

But what about before that?

What about before, while they are still alive and in desperate need of help but they can't reach out because they are so afraid they will only be hurt more.

At schools, you're told "stand up, speak up, do what's right." But what is right? Is it getting involved in the fight? Telling a teacher who might not do anything? By the time you do something, it's already too late.

In my perspective, I've been bullied. I know what it feels like. It hurts and you feel like life isn't worth it anymore.

Most of the time, you're told "ignore them and they'll move on." But that's not always the case.

You try ignoring them, you stand up for what you like, the people you care about. Sometimes, they still bully you. They don't care, they actually think it's funny!

Across the nation, there is now a stand up to bullying program going around and they're trying to help.

But the thing is, it can't. There is no way we can stop bullying.

For the bully, the reaction I've noticed, is "okay, go ahead and give me detention, I don't care. As soon as I can I'm going to go beat up the kid that turned me in."

It's like bullies get a high off seeing other peoples' pain.

If someone wanted to stop bullying they could have done it a long time ago, not now when people are killing themselves becaue they are so tired of all of it, to the point where they are wishing they they'll fall asleep and never wake up.

Some people may call me a bully for writing this, that I'm a bully to the bullies.

But I'm not.

I'm standing up.

I'm standing up for the little girls and boys who are being buried six feet underground.

For the girls and boys who self harm because every day they're shunned for being different and unique.

For the girls who refuse to eat because they're called fat.

For the girls and boys who skip classes, don't complelet their homework, and go to parties just so they can 'fit in'.

For the girls and boys who save up every dime they have so they can afford the fancy clothes everyone wares at school.

For the gils who applies layers of makeup so she's accepted.

And most of all, for the girls and boys up in heaven who are saying, "finally, someone is saying something."

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