harry potter and the cave of slytherin

harry potter finds him self in yet another adventurous mission. But this time no one will no about it except from Ron and Hermione. Can he work out what all this cave means and what things it will bring to Hogwarts.


6. Fred and george

Although Harry didn't get annoyed at the twins Fred and George often this was one of those times that he got slightly annoyed.

As Harry came out into the garden he saw Ron red in the face and without legs. A furious Mrs. Weasly turned round to Fred and George who were laughing so hard it was not worth them trying to hide it."Goodness me! Fred, George in the kitchen NOW!" Mrs Weasly shouted to the two ginger haired boys. With a flick of her wand Mrs. Weasly reunited Ron with his legs and sent him to have his breakfast in his bedroom. As Ron scurried off Leah came out to see what all the shouting was about. "Leah up here, i watched the whole thing from my window its hilarious!" Shouted Ginny from her crooked window. Leah ran back through the door and Harry started to here Ginny explain how it happened just before her window shut.

Harry after 5 minuets of heaving up the stairs with a bit of extra luggage Harry managed to make it to Ron's room. He pushed through the door not surprised to see Ron wobbling about trying to reach his breakfast near the front door. Harry threw down his bag and picked up the tray and put it on Ron's bed. "never let Fred and George try a spell on you" said Ron nearly falling over."It turned out that it removed my legs and sent them to the other side of the garden!" " Deary me Ron" Harry replied in a tired manner. Harry slumped onto his bed waiting for Ron to start and finish his breakfast. 

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