harry potter and the cave of slytherin

harry potter finds him self in yet another adventurous mission. But this time no one will no about it except from Ron and Hermione. Can he work out what all this cave means and what things it will bring to Hogwarts.


3. exciting news

Harry sat down on his bed and looked closely at it. He started to realize what it is "a ha" he said loudly. Harry realized it looked exactly like a map he had seen in the past "ummmmmm, ummmm" it was on the tip of his tongue. 'Tap, tap, tap' Harry looked around 'huh' he thought and he carried on thinking about what i was called. 'Tap, tap, tap' "that is it " Harry stood up and stomped across to the window. He opened it and in came a big brown barn owl who carried a letter. Harry opened it and the owl ate some left overs harry had left on the floor by accident. The letter said.

dear harry,

sorry about the late letter but the owl would not fly out of the car in mid air. This letter is just to say we are coming to pick you up from outside your window like we have done before anyway you have to pack quickly because we are coming in about 10 minuets.

signed Ron p.s sorry we are a day early than we were expected.  

"yes!" Harry shouted really loudly. He crept downstairs as he realized it was 10:00 pm so everyone in the house would be asleep. He opened the cupboard door to reveil many suitcases on top of each other. He got to work quickly dragging the many suitcases upstairs to his bedroom and packing each one of them with many different things. At last when he had finished he took the map and placed it neatly in his folder. Harry gave a big yawn and sat on his bed waiting patiently for when the Weasly's would arrive. 

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