harry potter and the cave of slytherin

harry potter finds him self in yet another adventurous mission. But this time no one will no about it except from Ron and Hermione. Can he work out what all this cave means and what things it will bring to Hogwarts.


4. A new car

About 2 minuets after Harry had sat down he saw a black car appear in front of his window. Ron jumped in through harry's window and helped him load the suitcases into the back of the car "the car is a bit jammed" said Ron. "that's ok" Harry replied. Ron jumped in the car and Harry said "yes" as loud as he could. He heard uncle Vernon get out of bed and Harry jumped into the black car. Uncle Vernon came in and saw Harry go " NOT AGAIN" he shouted and stomped back to his bedroom. "So who is this" Harry said looking at a girl who was sitting next to Ginney. "Oh she is just Ginney's friend, strangely she is joining Hogwarts this year." Harry thought why someone would just join Hogwarts in the middle of training to be a wizard. "like the new car" Harry said sounding pleased. "yeah, after the old car my dad bought a new one and worked on it for 3 years. This is it." "yep" said Harry.

They carried on driving until they safetly landed home. when Mrs.Weasly welcomed them back and treated them with hot chocolate until they all went up to bed. Harry and Ron went up stairs to his room and they got in there pj's. "night Harry" "night Ron." and then the Weasly house went silent.

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