harry potter and the cave of slytherin

harry potter finds him self in yet another adventurous mission. But this time no one will no about it except from Ron and Hermione. Can he work out what all this cave means and what things it will bring to Hogwarts.


7. A guest has appeared

After about 7 minuets Ron's plate was clean. He passed it to harry who then placed the tray outside and asked Mrs. Weasly to pick it up. As Harry came back in Ron was lying on his bed with his eyes shut. "just ... bit tired...arry..gonna....sleep" Mumbled Ron from his bed. Harry stood in the room feeling awkward so decided to occupy himself by talking to Hedwig. He then realized about the map. He scurried around in his suitcases until he found a neat muggle folder containing the map. After lots of thinking harry managed to get the name of the map and said "i solemnly swear i am up to no good." He opened the map. Nothing happened. Harry tried again and then again but still the page was blank. Odd. He packed it away and decided to let Hedwig out of her cage. Harry watched Hedwig soar in the sky and all her white feathers fluttering behind her until she was out of view. Harry turned back to the room and realized that there was something happening downstairs. He checked on Ron and the plundered out of the room and down the stairs. The door was open and Ginny was hugging someone as they came in. 

Leah shook the persons hand and the person went to meet mr and mrs weasly. She turned her head and Harry realized that Hermione stood in-front of him. They ran to greet each other and Harry explained that Ron was in bed because of an incident from earlier today. As he said this Mrs. Weasly turned and glared at the twins but soon she was playing the happy host and helping take Hermione's stuff up to her room. Leah and Ginny followed up with some other suitcases and crookshanks prowled over to a cushioned chair and went to bed.

As the excitement from the arrival started to die down, Harry went and told Ron about the new guest and Ron claimed to not be feeling dizzy anymore. Ron then went to greet Hermione outside of the room she was sharing. "DINNER EVERYONE" called mrs. Weasly from the kitchen. Ron said he wasn't hungry and Hermione said she had had dinner so they stayed in her contemporary room and unpacked her things. Harry ran down stairs and joined the rest of the Weaslys and other guests for a Delicious dinner of stew. After licking the plate clean he bid them all goodnight and went off back to his room ready for bed.  

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