From friend to boyfriend


9. 9

You and Justin are on the beach. “you can take your blindford off now babe” he says and smile. You take it off and see you are on a beach. “Justin… This is so beautiful… I love it”. Justin smiles and kisses you. You kiss back. He smiles big and take the chair out for you, so you can sit down. He smiles and kisses your check. Then he walk over and sit down on the chair opposite you. The food comes. It’s spaghetti with meatballs. You start eating and talking for hours. After eating the sun is going down. “Babe, I’ve another surprise for you” when he say that he stand up, take your hand and take a guitar from under the table, and walk down to the water. “babe, please sit down in the sand with me” he says smiling, then you replay “sure”. You sit in the sand together Justin, and he start playing a new song about love a person so much. His inspiration is you. He start singing when he play his guitar.  You are blushing and biting your lip. Justin is done singing the new song and you give him an applause. “Justin… The song is so good. I love it. How can you write so good songs. It’s amazing.” You kiss him softly on his lips. He take his arm around you and hug you tight. He kisses your forhead and you watch the sunset. You and Justin are the only one on the Beach. The sun is gone and moon is up. Justin start kissing you, and you kiss back. Your tongues are fighting and Justin takes your top off. You take his shirt off and so on. You are having sex on the beach. The love is in the air. You takes your clothes back on and lie down in the sand again. You smile and cuddle. You fall asleep on the beach.

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