From friend to boyfriend


8. 8

*2 houers later*
You are ready for Justins surprise. He sayd I should wear some pretty. I wear a oversize top and hig shorts. I have purple supras on like Justins. My hair is curly. The dorbell ring and I run to the door. I open it and see Justin saty with roses. I smile and kiss him. "Hey babe" I say with a smile, and Justin replay "hey babe, I have roses for you" you get the roses. "thank you babe" you say and take Justin with your free hand. You kiss him and he kisses again. You pull away and say "come in" with a smile. He walk with you the the kitchen and you put your roses in a vase. Justin stay behind you and start kissing your neck. You giggle a bit. He makes a hickey (sugemærke) and keep kiss your neck and has his hands around your waist. When you are done Justin turns you around and kisses you intense. He pull away after a few minutes and says "babe, we need to go". You smile and walk out and take your jacket on. Justin open the  door for you and you walk out and lock the door. You and Justin walk over to his car hand in hand and . He open the door for you and you sit in the car. Justin runs over to his seat and sit down. He starts to drive  "Justin where are we going??" you ask and Justin giggle and says "it's a surprise babe"... You smile and says "babe you know I don't like surprises". Justin giggle again and says "I know, I know babe." Justin stops at his dancestudeo and gives you a blindford. "you shall have this on so you don't see where we are going" you smile and take the blindford on. He walk out of the car and go over to you. He open the car and carry you bridestyle to the beach behind the dancestudeo. 

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