From friend to boyfriend


7. 7

You wake up to the smell of eggs and bacon, but Justin isn't by your side. He is cooking. You stand up and take some chachi momma pants on in black and purple and a t-shirt. You make your hair in a messy bun. You walk downstairs and Justin notice that you are awake. "morning beautiful" he says and runs over to you and lift you up. Your legs are around his waist. He kisses you and says "i've made some breakfast for us". "morning babe" you says and kiss back. He goes in to the table with food and sit you on the chair as he serve a plate with eggs and bacon in a smiley. He kisses your check and sit next to you. You eate and talk about everything. "babe... I have a suprise for you" Justin says."Oh my god... when??!!" you says. "In 2 houers" he says while laughing a bit. 

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