From friend to boyfriend


6. 6

Justin drives you to his place in his car. He holde your hand when he drives the car. "what shall we do when we are at your place" you asks. He smiles and says "If you want we can watch a movie" you yawn and take your other hand "sorry babe but I'm so tired" he laugh a bit and says "it is okay sweetheart". Justin arrive his place. Justin goes out of the car and run to your side. He open the door for you, as a gentleman. You smile and kiss him soft. "thank you babe" you says and he close the door in the car. He take your bag in one hand and your hand in the other. You walk in the house and Justin wisperes to you and winks "babe be quite. My mom lives at my place because she need to move back to Canada. She don't know about us". The house is so big. It's in LA. So many roomes, with everything a couple could dream of. You walk up to his room and change to sleepwear. Justin take his shirt and pants off. He only sleeps in boxers. He turn off the ligt and  carries you to the bed bridestyle. He kisses your forhead and says "goodnight babe. Sleep well. I love you y/n". You blush and say "sleep well Justin. I love you too babe" he lies you on the bed and lies beside you. He holds around you under the duvet. You fall asleep with a smile on your lips. 

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