From friend to boyfriend


5. 5

You and Justin are makeing out again. You pull away with a big smile on your face and says "I think we shall go downstairs and party with the other". Justin smiles and sit you down again as he says "good idear sweetheart". He kisses you on your check and take your hand. You walk downstairs and turn up the music. You are partying and have a good time. "Everyone... We have a dancebattle now and it is my family VS my friends. I'm with my family" you says and wink to Justin. He smiles and everyone start giving place to dance. You have been dancing your whole life, but Justin and your friends don't know about it. You start the battle and show of your moves. Justins jaw drops.... "wow babe... you are soooooo good... " then Ryan punch to Justin and says "relax man..". Justin and Ryan start laughing a bit, then Justin show off his moves. Your family have been dancing their whole life too. When Justin dance you bite your lip and start day dreaming. Justin and you are on the beach alone. You are cuddling and kissing. Justin puch soft to to wake up from the daydream. You look at him and smile. He smiles back and says "where were you??" you start blushing and says "nowhere... I've been here the whole time". You look around and see the battle is over... "who won??" you says and Justin smiles... "Your family won" and kisses you soft. You kisses back. You pull away, because the are someone who says goodbye. You walk over to the family and says "see you someday, and thank you for the presend" bacause everyone are takeing home. Your friends are takeing home too and you hug them. "thank you for comeing and thank you for the present" you said and your friend are gone. You close the door and wail in the livingroom and sit beside Justin, holding hands. The only one who is back is Ryan and Chaz. They said they should go too. You stand up and hug them goodbye. You thank them for the present and for comeing. They are gone and you walk in to Justin. You sit on his lap and kisses him soft. He asks with a smile on his lips "do you wanna go with me to my place" you smile and says "yes babe. I will" you kiss him and stand up. You take his hand and runs up stairs. You pack a bag with some relaxing clothes and some underwear. You walk down stairs. "mom... dad... thank you for an amazing birthday" you hug them "I'll go over to Justins place for a sleep over okay??" your mom smile and answere you before your dad can say anything. "your welcome sweetie. Yes sure you may." you smile big as you say "thank you thank you thank you soooo much... I love you" you hug them and walk out to Justins car. He open the door for you and sits in driver seat. You leave to Justins place. 

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