From friend to boyfriend



The other starts to dance again and you are so much in love with Justin. He is your everything. You starts to dance again when someone ring on the doorbell. "sorry I need to see who it is" you said smiling and are on your way down stairs, someone hold around your waist. you get a chock and fall down. Justin start singing Fall and catch you. You laugh a bit and then you kiss him soft on the lips. He smiles and you walk down and open the door. It was a cake man. He has a big box and you welcomed him. The man was young and looks hot "Happy birthday y/n" he said with a flirty smile. "thank you man" you close the door and walk in the livingroom where the man place the cake on the  tabel.  You show the man out again and close the door. You walk up to your friends with a big smile on your face "peoples there are cake". You walk down again and the cake was unboxed. There was pictures of your family and you and Justin together. You smile and your mom takes pictures of everyone and the cake. You bite your lip and smile to Justin. Everyone start singing happy birthday y/n one more time. You smile and thought to yourself, shall I tell everyone that Justin is my boyfriend now or later... You send Justin a shall I tell them look and he nooded. The song end and you blowing out candles that are on the cake "thank you soooooo much everyone... I have something to tell you" you take Justins hand and merge fingers. "Justin is not just my best friend. I've known him since we were small kids. He is also my boyfriend" you said and everyone where smiling and start clapping. "kiss, kiss, kiss" they start say/yell. You smile to Justin and learn in. Your lips touchs each others and everyone were clapping. You pull away while you blush and smile big. I take the knife and cut the cake out in peaces. You and your firends sit in the living room and eat the cake. Justin putes you on his lab and you feed each other. You are done eating cake and now walk out in the kitchen with Justin behind you. He takes you on your ass and kisses you. You start makeing out and he lift you up stairs in your room and close the door behind. You lock the door, and make out. He putes you on the bed without breaking the kiss. You take off Justins shirt while Justin undo your dress. He kisses you down your neck pulles you dress off. You bite your lip and moan  soft. He kisse you on your lips and you undo his pants. You can se Jerry is excited and says dirty "someone excited??". Justin laugh a bil and nodes. he undo your cloth and you undo his cloth too. You are makeing out in a while. You are wet and ready for big Jerry. "you ready babe??" he asks and kisses you. You nod and he enter you. It feels amazing. He starts moving in and out. You makes out and he goes harder and deeper. you wispere in his ear "it's my first time babe and it is amazing...... I love you sweetheart". He smiles and says "It's mine too... I love you too babe" you are makeing out and he comes in you. You get your climax at same time and you makes out again. You pull away and takes your dress and underwear on again. You walk to your bathroom and fix your hair. Justin comes out to you after he has cloth on again. You fix your hair and dress and everything. You take Girlfirend on and says "it was so amazing babe... I love you" you kiss him and he lift you up of the wall. You were makeing out again... 

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