From friend to boyfriend


3. 3

You are done eating. You stand up and walk over to your mom. you wispere in her ear "mom can I call some friends and get some party in here??". "Yes you can sweetie. Max 10 friends, okay?" "okay thank you mom". You kiss her check and send a signal to Justin, that means to go with you up stairs. He understood and you walks up to your room hand in hand. "who shal I call babe??". He smiles at the word babe. "we can call Chaz, Ryan, and your friends". "I do babe" you kiss him soft and take your phone up. you call your friends and Chaz and Ryan. They are here in 10 minutes. You smiles sexy to Justin, to tease him. He has the dirty look in his eyes. You kisses him soft and he added tongue. You were makeing out until you heard the door bell. You stand up and walk down stairs to open the door. Your friends start to sing happy birthday and you welcomed them. You walk up to your room and you start your computer. You blaste music and you are dancing crazy. "PARTY" you yell and dance with Justin. He learns in and kisses you. You kiss again og your friends stopes dancing. They start saying "arww" "se'cute" and you were blusching. Justin looks at you and smiles. He wisperes "you looks cute when you blush"

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