From friend to boyfriend


2. 2

Justin walks in your room and sits on the bed. You are done bathing and dry your body. You do your makeup and takes your black underwear, purple dress and purple pumps on. You fix your hair with curls, and walk in your room. Justin sits on your bed and smiles. He walks over to you and gives you a hand. Justin says "you looks beautiful y/n". You blush and says while you smile "thank you Justin".  he takes your other hand and look deep in your  eyes.  "y/n.. I've been thinking of you the whole time. I can't get you out of my head. You are the sweetest girl I've ever known. Will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" he says while he smiles to you. OMG JUSTIN DREW BIEBER THE CUTEST BOY I'VE EVER KNOW IS ASKING ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND you thought to yourself. you smile and says "yes Justin. It will be an  honor". Justin smiles and learns in to a kiss. He kisses you soft with a smile on his lips. He hold you on your hips and pules you closer. You kisses in like 5 minutes, when there is someone knocking on the door. You pules away and saya "yes come in??". Your mom open the door and smiles to you and Justin "we are eating in 10 minutes". She close the door fast again and walk downstairs. You smile to Justin and he smiles again. He takes your hand and you walk downstairs hand in hand. You sit beside each other. You smile all over your face.

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