From friend to boyfriend


13. 13

You are makeing out with Justin. He lift you up and lay you on the bed still makeing out. He kiss you down your neck. "I *kiss* love *kiss* you *kiss* y/n *kiss*". You giggle and smile. You kiss him back and make out again. Justin pull away and smile "we need to sleep because I have a job tomorrow morning.... Go get changed and come back, so we can sleep together". You giggle and kiss him on the cheek. You go get your sleeping suit. "I'll be right back babe" you wing and go get change in the bathroom. When you get back in you see Justin on the bed in nothing but boxers. He felt asleep. You smile and jump in the bed for wake him up. Then he open his eyes and smile. He pull you down in the bed and start kissing you all over. You kiss him and lay in to him. He take his arm around your waist with the duvet covering you. He kiss your neck and says "sleep well babe. I Love you". "I love you too babe. Sleep well too" you close your eyes and try to sleep. Then Justin start singing Never let you go. You take his hand and lock your fingers together. You fall asleep and Justin kiss your neck again, then he fall asleep too.

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