From friend to boyfriend


11. 11

You are talking about  so many things. Justin drives to your place. He open  the door for you and you walk inside together, hand in hand. Your mom smiles and hugs you. "sweetheart where have you been??" she says when she hugs you. You smile  and hug her back "together Justin. We were on the beach. He had a surprice for me". You and Justin smiles big. You get out of the hug with your mom and walk over to Jsutin again. He hold around you and kisses your forhead. "Mrs *your moms last name* I take care of her, and I'll never leave her. I promise" Justin says and smiles. "I trus you Mr. Bieber. Have fun kids" your mom says and walk in to the kitchen. You and Justin smiles big and walk up to your room. You  lie on the bed with Justin beside you. He looks in to your eyes as he said "y/n I love you so much. You don't know how much I love you. You are the person I'll live with my whole life. Y/n I love you babe". You blush and smiles big "Justin  I love you too". Justin hold around you and learn in. He kiss your check and down to your mouth. You kiss back and add tongue. You are makeing out. Justins hands are under your shirt, touching your skin.

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