From friend to boyfriend


10. 10

You wake up, on the beach together Justin. He is already up and looks in to your eyes with a smile on his lips. "Babe I love you. Do you wanna swim with me?" you smile and laugh a bit "sure I think it'll be fun". You stand up and strip until you are naked. You run out in the ocean. You feel the wather on your skin and a oair of arms around your hips. You giggle and turn around to see Justin with a big smile on his face. You start makeing out. "Jerry wants you" he says when you kiss. You giggle and kiss him. He add thoung and Jerry enter you. He start moving harder and harder. You groan and held your head back. "JUSTIN.... FASTER..." you yell. Justin goes faster. You get Biebergasm and he comes in you. You kiss and walk in to the beach. You take your cloth on and drives home. 

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