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Jade Thirlwall and Harry Styles were bets friends since they were 4, and they stayed best friends even after the X-Factor. One Direction and Little Mix were good friends, they were hanging out a lot, mostly because of Zerrie. Harry and Jade's friendship was what anyone could ever ask for. They promised each other they'd stick together no matter what, and no one gets through this perfect friendship. Harry had a huge crush on the popstar, aka Taylor Swift, and asked Jade to help him. Ever since then, they were no longer that close, they were fighting a lot, most of the time over nothing, but you never know the future...
*Story originally written on Wattpad, by HanaOfficial, which is me*


2. Chapter 2

Jade's POV

"So Taylor, tell us something about you." Eleanor asked, clearly annoyed.

"I'm in love." Taylor replied. LOL?! I mean, come on, this is really pissing me off!

"Guys, I'm going to see Sam." I said, getting up from the grey sofa I was sitting on before. You know, it's really comfortable. You could buy it in IKEA or somewhere else, and it's not expensive. Sometimes, I sleep on it while I'm watching a Disney movie. Back to reality.

"Weren't you there before you came?" Jesy asked. She didn't want me to leave this hell hole. On the inside, I'm pulling my hair out of my head, but on the outside, I'm smiling.

"Yes, but I want to see him." Dumb excuse, I know. But it's better than staying in here with a certain witch

"You'll see him in the morning Jade. Stay." Harry said sternly as if he was my owner and I was his pet. Heh, I hate him right now, but I'll stay. In fact, I have nowhere to go to cause this is Perrie and mine's flat. But I can still go to Sam's flat or walk down the streets by myself! I could also betray Eleanor and go to Starbucks... NIAHAHAHA! If you didn't understand, that was an evil laugh.

"In fact, I want to go to Sta-" I stopped in mid sentence because El was right next to me."somewhere." I finished.

"What was I about to hear?" Eleanor asked me, with an fake glare. Oopsi, I'm in trouble.

"Jade, I said stay." Harry ordered me. He really is annoying, right?! I can't stand this, Taylor, him, ughh!

"Fine!" I groaned, stomping my foot on the ground like a kid. Wait, I'm immature, I'm supposed to act like a kid, right?! Yeah. "I'm going to make hot chocolate, does anybody want some?"

"ME!" Eleanor, Perrie and Niall screamed. I swear these kids are crazier than I am. "I'd like to help." Liam said, he's nice. It's been 5 years since we met, I know him since my fist performance on the X-Factor in 2008. I walked towards the kitchen while Liam followed. In fact, I think he wants to talk about something. I entered the kitchen, grabbed four mugs, put them on the table and started to make the hot chocolates.

"So Li, what's up?" I said, starting a conversation.

"You hate her."

"You already know I do, and I'm trying to be nice but I can't stay in the same room as her more than 10 seconds. I need to stay away, for like a few minutes?" I asked, putting the cocoa in each mug, then adding some cold milk.

"Jade, she's rude and you weren't supposed to help Harry date her."

"But Li, he's my childhood best friend, I couldn't say no. But I have to get away for a few minutes, without counting this." I told him.

"You know, he's gonna change."

"What do you mean?" I asked, adding some hot water in the mugs then turning to face my old friend.

"I mean he's not gonna be the Harry we all used to know, he's not gonna have time for us anymore Jade. He has already changed." He told me. I thought about his words He's not gonna have time for us anymore. Liam was right, he already has changed. That witch is going to be nothing but shit to all of us.

"You're right Liam." I said. I hugged him then I gave him two mugs and I held the others. We both walked in the living room, only to see the famous Haylor kissing and everyone looking extremely disgusted, especially Eleanor and Louis. I gave a mug to El and kept one for me since Liam handed each mug to Niall and Perrie. I sat next to Zayn.

"This is so...disgusting." Zayn whispered in my ear, I nodded.

"They're not a cute couple." Perrie whispered since she was sitting next to Zayn, but on the other side. I have to admit, Perrie's not really good at whispering.

"AT ALL!" Jesy yelled, making the famous Haylor break their kiss. They both looked at us, making us silently giggle because Harry had red lipstick on his lips.

"What?!" He asked rudely, after all , Liam was right. Harry's changed.

" have..." Leigh-Anne tried to say between laughs. Yes, we were all laughing our heads off. Harry rolled his eyes.

"I have what?!" He yelled at us. Wait, he what?! He yelled at us?! This is like the first time he does that to us, plus, he does it in front of a stranger?!

"Red lipstick on your lips!" I screamed, then we all laughed pretty hard, exept the famous Haylor.

"THIS ISN'T FUNNY JADE!" He yelled at me, his face was red with anger. I handed Zayn my mug and got up, I walked past the curly headed cupcake(if that makes sense), I walked on the stairs and got my black lipstick, then I ran back downstairs. I threw the lipstick to Perrie, and she hopefully caught it. She knew what I was planning.

"Zayn, don't move." She ordered and he did as told. She put black lipstick on his lips, making us laugh harder at the Bradford bad boy who has black lips, even Zayn was laughing once he looked at himself in the mirror.

"Isn't this, funny?" Leigh-Anne asked Harry. I swear I heard the witch mumble something like Babies are much? and Harry was pissed off. Eleanor took the lipstick from Perrie and did the same to Louis. We couldn't stop laughing, Jesy took her phone and took a picture of the two guys with black lips, and apparently Perrie, Eleanor, Leigh-Anne and I were in it too. She typed something then we all got a beep from our phones. I checked mine, it was a tweet @LittleMixOffic: Having fun with these two british guys, they look great in black lips, don't they? xx Jesy with the picture attached to the tweet. We laughed harder when Niall retweeted it.

"Are you seriously making fun of me?" Harry yelled, making us stop laughing our butts off.

"Hey, they're making fun of Zayn and I too! Plus, we're on Twitter, you're not!" Louis said.

"That's it, I'm leaving. Come on Tay, let's go." He said to his cutie. AND he gave her a nickname, sweet! NOT. After hearing the door closed we all cheered.

"THE BLOODY COUPLE LEFT! IT'S PARTY TIME!" Louis, El and Leigh screamed in unison.

"No it's not, it's SLEEPOVER TIME!!! You guys can borrow some of Zayn's clothes and the girls always leave their things here, so I have El, Leigh and Jesy's things. You guys are gonna sleep down here, in the living room, and we are gonna sleep up there, 'kay?" Pez instructed, wow! I thought Jesy was the group's mom, but I guess tonight it's Perrie.



I woke up in my room next to Pezza. We shared a room, El, Jess and Leigh shared another one and the boys slept downstairs. I remember yesterday was fun, we talked, we watched movies, we played stupid games(which are not TRUTH OR DARE or 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN)... But it was still different. Someone was missing because he had other plans with his cutie. I got up from bed, unlocked my phone it was 9:34 in the morning, and I got one message from Samantha, our manager. I opened the text to see what she sent.

From: Tulisa

Good morning Jade, since I know you're always looking forward to whatever, I wanted you to know that you have an interview at 9 am tomorrow morning, then you're gonna have to shoot the music video of "Move", so you have the whole day off. Get ready for your tour next week! Love you!

To: Tulisa

Okay, thanks. I can't wait to shoot the music video and I'm always ready for the tour! :D Love you too!!

I got out of bed as quiet as I could ever be, because I know that if that engaged blonde woke up now because of me, I'm dead. I did every human's morning routine: take a shower, dry my hair, then curl it, dress up, fix my make up... I got out of the bathroom, then out of the room, I got downstairs, only to realize everyone was still asleep. I made my way to the kitchen, made some pancakes for the others and started to make myself some toast with butter and a cup of tea, what? That's my breakfast, got a problem? I heard the sound of the front door opening and closing, but I didn't care who it was. It could be Leigh, she could be back from her run, or it could be El, she could be back from Starbucks, or- wait a second, I heard footsteps coming closer to the kitchen. Yay! They came back! I finished preparing my breakfast but I smell someone familiar. Yeah, I can smell people! I turned around, only to see him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked annoyed. In fact, I didn't even care about his answer. Whoops, that reminds me of our song, Wings: 

Talk, talk turns into air,

I don't even care, oh yeah,

Your words,

Don't mean a thing, I'm not listening

Keep talking, all I know is[...]

"Can't I just visit my childhood best friend?" He asked cockily. I gave him a sweet smile, then I replied.

"No." He started talking but I cut him off. "I don't want to hear YOU talking." Wow, again a part from Wings:

You better keep on walking, I don't wanna hear you talking, boy'd

You better keep on walking, I don't wanna hear you talking, boy'd

Your words,

Don't mean a thing, I'm not listening

They're just like water off my wings [...]

Hehe, I'm being weird today. "Look, I'm sorry."

"For what?" I asked, he looked down. "See, you don't even know what you're sorry for. I don't need you Harry, I have other friends than you to keep me company. Your little girlfriend needs you more than I do." I told him, making air quotes at the word girlfriend. 

"Jade, I'm here to say I'm sorry but you keep things complicated! Why are you acting like this!" Harry raised his voice up a little, but it wasn't enough to wake everyone up.

"One, shut up because you're gonna wake everyone up. Two, you are keeping things complicated since your little cutie came here yesterday. Three, I'm not acting like this, you are!" I said, I kinda whispered.

"Why do you hate her that much Jade? If you really are my childhood best friend, then you must like my relationship!"

"So I MUST like your relationship and your girlfriend and you mustn't like mine?! That's unfair!" I protested. He started to get affected by that little blond witch.

"Jam and Taylor are com-" I cut him off. "It's Sam!" I knew he did it on purpose. "Yeah whatever. Sam and Taylor are completely different!"

"If they are different, then he's better!" I argued. That guy knows pretty well how to annoy me or to make me feel bad. What kind of best friend is he?!

"No he isn't! He's nothing compared to T-"

"GET OUT!" I yelled. I couldn't resist this. And he says he came to say sorry! Ugh! I hate him!

He left the kitchen, looking red like a tomato. I heard the door shut, I ate my breakfast, but soon enough, Liam's voice was right behind me.

"Why'd you do this, Jade?"

"Do what?"

"You know what I'm talking about. Why'd you keep on arguing?"

"Because he gets on my nerves! Duh!" I joked making him laugh.

"Even when you're supposed to be serious, you're funny Jade!" He laughed. Actually, he's not always in Daddy Direction mood.

"Li, you know I hate to be serious." I said, then he hugged me. In fact, after Harry, Liam's the one who's always comforting me. The girls do too, but he's always right. "Are these pancakes?" I nodded. "You'll eat when THEY wake up." He fake pouted and I giggled.

Liam and I left the kitchen after I ate, and went in the living room. Actually, EVERYONE was up. But I don't think they heard what happened between me and Harry because they looked like they were in a good mood and they didn't ask. "What do you wanna do?"

"I think you're the only one who ate breakfast Jade, so let's eat first." Liam said. They chuckled and made their way to the kitchen. I suddenly heard a few screams, then, Niall and Perrie came running towards me and hugged me so tight.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Niall thanked me. "I thought we were supposed to cook since Harry is missing but Chef Thirlwall is always on time!" Perrie joked.

"Well, you better go and eat before they finish it!" I said so they both ran back to the kitchen. As I said before, these kids are crazy.

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