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Jade Thirlwall and Harry Styles were bets friends since they were 4, and they stayed best friends even after the X-Factor. One Direction and Little Mix were good friends, they were hanging out a lot, mostly because of Zerrie. Harry and Jade's friendship was what anyone could ever ask for. They promised each other they'd stick together no matter what, and no one gets through this perfect friendship. Harry had a huge crush on the popstar, aka Taylor Swift, and asked Jade to help him. Ever since then, they were no longer that close, they were fighting a lot, most of the time over nothing, but you never know the future...
*Story originally written on Wattpad, by HanaOfficial, which is me*


1. Chapter 1

Jade's POV

*Flashback, in highschool*

I was walking in the hallway, alone, making my way towards my locker. So you see, I'm a "nerd", as people say, while my best friend, Harry, is popular and flirty. Maybe I was a "nerd" but I used to sing so people became nicer to me, but not all of them. Someone screamed "Here's the nerd!" pointing at me. People laughed, I didn't cry or get sad because it's not the first time. I just waited for this moment to come. My brother Karl and Harry were beating the boy up, so I stopped the fight. I calmed down Harry and some girl calmed down Karl. Harry always told me "I hate when people say something about you that isn't true. They don't even know you Jade, you are way better than them." I hugged him and whispered in is ear "I think we can go to the X-Factor again."

*End of Flashback*

Now I'm famous, in the biggest girl band in the world, Little Mix. It's been 2 years since Harry and I went on the X-Factor. He got in a band called One Direction, with 4 other boys, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall. Zayn's dating Perrie, a girl in my band, Louis' dating Eleanor, a model, Liam broke up with Danielle Peazer, a dancer, Niall's lonely, Jesy is currently dating a guy named Jordan, Leigh's single but she has a crush on Hazza, I'm dating Sam Craske from Diversity and Harry is single. But he has a crush, he doesn't stop thinking about that girl. She must be nice.

"Hey Haz, who's the lucky girl?" I asked him while we were watching TV in his living room. He looked at me weirdly.

"How'd you know I have a crush?" He asked me with a puzzled look on his face, making his eyes look brighter than they are. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in love with Harry, I don't even have 0,1 % of feelings for him. I just like to describe evrything.

"Oh, please Harry, I'm your childhood best friend, I can read you like a book." I told him, he thought a little, then had a smile on his face, making his dimples show. I dare you he's thinking about that girl, he looks so in love with her.

"Well, she has long blond hair, ocean blue eyes, an angelic voice, a sweet smile, a perfect character, she looks perfect in dresses and-" I cut him off of his dreamy girl.

"Harry, I asked you who is she, not how she looks like." I told him annoyed. That's his problem, he never answers your question.

"She even has a perfect name-" I rolled my eyes. "Taylor Swift." Oh, okay. Wait, WHAT?! (A/N I don't think any of those things about Taylor Swift) 


"Her name is Taylor Swift."

"Do you like her?" I asked, hoping for a 'no, I don't' because he's getting himself in so much trouble.

"No." Oh, that's alright I guess. "I'm in love with her." He said simply.

"WHAT?! ARE YOU BLOODY SERIOUS?! Harry, I hate her! I met her only twice and I hate her!" I raised my voice. I truly didn't like that girl. She's annoying, self-centered, liar, she only writes songs about her exes.(A/N I also don't think all of these things about her either)

"She's so sweet Jade, how could you hate her?" He asked me, I rolled my eyes and changed the channel. He turned off the TV and looked at me in the eyes. "Jade, I need you to help me ask her out." I thought about it, I knew that this would make Harry happy so I had to do it.

"Fine, I'll help you." I groaned. He hugged me tighly, thanking me. We started working on the plans. We just planned about him and her meeting up at a fancy restaurant, and he'd be sweet to her and end up asking her to be his girlfriend.

Harry called Taylor(I don't know how he got her number, he just did) and asked her to meet him up today at 7 pm, which meant he had to get ready now 'coz we only have 2 hours. Harry wore black jeans, a grey jumper with Jack Wills written on it, black converse and his hoodie, his hair was natural. He put some weird perfume, took his phone and keys and left to pick Taylor up because it was 6:30 pm. I was wearing blue jeans and a purple jumper, with high heeled shoes. I took my phone and car keys and left his house, I got in my car and drove to Sam's place. If you're wondering yes, we're dating. But Harry doesn't like Sam because Hazza is so protective and wants me to date only his friends. I arrived to Sam's house and knocked on his door, of course in less than a second he opened the door. "Hey Sam!" 

"Jade! Come in!" He said, giving me a peck on the lips. I walked in and got in the living room. I sat on a sofa and Sam sat beside me on a different one. "So how's life?"  

"It's good, nothing different but Harry asked me to help him ask his future girlfriend out. You?" I asked him. 

"Oh, everything's fine. I just missed you." He said, cutely may I add. 

"Aww, I missed you too. Harry isn't still very happy about us dating, but he can't decide. It's my life." I changed into my serious side. 

"Don't worry, he'll get over it." Sam reassured me. 

"Anyway, I just came to say hi. I gotta go, I promised the girls I'll see them today. Bye." I said, getting up and hugging him. I kissed him and left. 

I got in my car and drove to Perrie's flat, where we always meet One Direction and the rest of Little Mix, so I'll meet them there. I arrived in front of my house and parked my car. I knocked on the door, Louis opened the door."Jadey Wadey is finally here!" He hugged me, while I giggled. "Where's my Hazza?" 

"Louis, first, I'd like to thank you from letting me in." I joked, still standing outside. 

"Oh, um, sorry. Come in." He stepped away so I could get in. I walked inside and hugged everyone(even Eleanor), exept Zayn and Perrie because they were making out. 

"Uh hum." They didn't stop. "I said uh him." I whined. Still the same. "I'VE GOT NEWS!" I screamed. They stopped and looked at me, probably pissed off. 

"What?" Everyone asked annoyed, exept Louis, cause we're both sassy. 

"Oh, so I see you don't want to hear about Harry's new girlfriend." I said, sitting on a sofa. 

"Harry's new what?!" Everyone gasped, even Louis. 

"Uh, whatever. So you guys know who I'm still a hater of?" I asked raising an eyebrow. 

"Taylor Swift, duh." Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Zayn, Louis and Liam said in unison. 


"OH MY GOD, WHAT??" Eleanor and Niall screamed.

"I guess two out of eight people understand english." I said jokingly.

"HOLY SHIT! IS HARRY STUPID! HOW COULD HE?! I MEAN, TAYLOR SWIFT?! WHY HER?" Louis screamed, and of course everyone panicked.

"LOU CALM DOWN!" Liam yelled.

"Seriously, is Harry crazy or what? And how did you know?" Zayn asked me.

"Well, he asked me to help him so I did." I said but all I could hear was a mixture of words that I didn't hear clearly.

"Are you stupid Jade? How could you help him to date someone you hate?!" Perrie asked, raising her voice a bit.

"Hey, he's my best friend! I'll do whatever just to make him happy!" I said annoyed at their reactions, but when Harry told me he liked Taylor, I was worst than them.

It's been like 2 hours since I told them about the whole Haylor thing. One of the people that was sad was Leigh-Anne. She had a crush on Harry since when they met, I swear they looked like Titanic but Harry's always a flirt. But the thing is, I don't want to see her broken, but I'm sure she'll move on. Someone opened the door, interrupting all of our conversations. Sure enough, it was Harry and the witch(nice nickname, fits her perfectly). Everyone rolled their eyes, exept me, I just decided to be a good best friend and try to be nice to that evil witch.

"Well, see who decided to show up." Louis sassed, making it clear he was annoyed. Harry looked happy and Taylor looked...uncomfortable. I don't really know, but I laughed at Louis' words. Everyone looked at me as if I was crazy, even the witch.

"So let's introduce ourselves. This is Louis Tomlinson, this is Eleanor Calder, Louis' girlfriend, this is Liam Payne, this is Niall Horan, this is Zayn Malik, this is Perrie Edwards, Zayn's fiance and my bandmate, this is Jesy Nelson and this is Leigh-Anne Pinnock, my other bandmates." I told Taylor, pointing at each one of them. Of course I heard giggles from everyone, because, we're all famous, but since Taylor's self-centered I thought that could help.

"It's nice to meet you." Taylor said, not even bothering to look at one of us. She just looked at Harry and kissed him. Fine, we understand that they are dating, but why should they do this in front of us? Eleanor and Louis cleared their throats, just to break their sweet kiss. They broke their kiss and looked at us.

"Oh, I forgot. This is Jade Thirlwall, my best friend." Harry told Taylor. I put a hand on my mouth(I'm so dramatic, I know).

"Looks like someone introduced everyone but herself!" Leigh-Anne joked. Yay! She's not that broken. Everyone laughed really hard, exept for the witch who faked a pretty laugh.




Hello, so this is my fourth fan fiction. But they're not all on Movellas and they're not all published. Anyway, I started the story on Wattpad(with the username HanaOfficial), and I thought I could publish the story on Movellas too. Thanks for reading!


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