Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


20. Laura's POV

I smiled. Kate and I have been dreaming of going over to London together for ages; then I realised, I don’t have a passport. “Umm, guys. I don’t think I can go.” I sighed, looking down at my hands.

The others looked at me, confused looks on their faces. “I don’t have a passport.” I said, looking at them.

“Let’s go get you one then!” Louis yelled/screamed, jumping up from the couch. “But I don’t have enough money to pay for it! They cost about $200 here!”

I looked at Kate. She knew how much I wanted to go to London; we just never got around to getting a passport for me.

“Come on,” I heard Louis whine. “Alright.” I said, getting up from the couch. “I’m just gonna change my top.” I said, running into my room and grabbing a black wrap crop top.

I came back out with my shoes on, bag over my shoulder and phone in hand. “Well, are we going or what?” I asked, looking at Kate and Niall.

They nodded at me before Kate went into her room and came out with her shoes on, bag over shoulder and phone in hand- and a different shirt, this one with a Cyberman head from Doctor Who. “Let’s get going.” Kate said, waving us out of the house so she could lock up.

Seeing how Louis’ rental car was out the front, we all jumped into it and headed off to the post office. Kate and I had moved to Henley beach over the two months that the boys were gone, so it took us about half an hour to get to the post office. Luckily, Niall and Louis were wearing beanies and sunnies, otherwise they would’ve gotten noticed.

I walked into the post office and went straight for the passport forms. Picking one up, I opened up my bag and grabbed a pen out. Looking around the room, I saw a desk over the other side of the room and walked over to it. I sat down and opened up the form, filling out the parts that I had to fill in. Just as I was about to finish, I realised that I needed a copy of my birth certificate. “Man, today is just not my day.” I mumbled to myself as I looked through my bag to see if I had a copy in it at all.

“Kate!! I need you to fill out the other part for me.” I said as I pulled out a folded piece of paper. Unfolding the paper, I looked at it and mentally screamed as I saw that it was a copy of my birth certificate. I remembered shoving it in here when I went to give blood a few weeks ago.


“Finally.” I sighed as I collapsed onto the couch. We had just arrived back home after spending the last two hours at the post office, and much to my dismay Louis paid for my passport.

“So, what are we going to do now?” I asked, looking at the others as they sat down. They just shrugged at me making me sigh and lean my head back. “Well thanks for the help!” I mumbled as I got up and walked to the kitchen.

“Food?” Niall suggested, bouncing into the doorway. “I mean, we could cook something?”

“Yes! Yes, yes, YES!” Kate shouted, hurrying in and standing protectively in front of the oven and the fridge, trying to block anyone from getting to them. “I wanna cook!”

“Show off, more like,” I muttered. Kate picked a grape from the bunch on the bench and threw it at my head. I ducked in time and Louis caught- then ate- it, to Niall’s amusement.

“Cookbooks are up there-“ Kate pointed to the right cupboard- “- Pick something and we can make it. Might have to go shopping though,” she added, giving me a sidelong look. I rolled my eyes and ducked my head, blushing slightly; there had been so many nights and conversations in which we imagined this very thing happening. The two of us with Louis and Niall, being domestic and happy.

Louis, being the short-arse he is, climbed onto the counter to grab the seven books down and retreat to the couch to browse through them. We might’ve just had breakfast but they were apparently hungry already… Kate grinned at me as she turned on the TV, the two of us watching Ellen for ten minutes before Niall and Louis made up their minds.

“Can we please,” Louis began, sliding off the couch to kneel and beg. “Make chicken risotto-“

“- And carbonara!” Niall interjected, beaming- “And chocolate pudding!”

I looked at Kate, and she shrugged as she nodded and stood. “I’ll need to shop, so amuse yourselves-“

“You might need a big strong man to lift the grocery bags,” Louis suggested, poking Niall in the ribs to make him get up. “But you can take Niall instead.”

“Oh, thanks, ya wanker,” Niall grunted, fake-punching Louis in the head. Laughing, the two of them headed out and the moment we heard the car leave, Louis turned to grin at me.

“Let’s have an indoor picnic!” he suggested, eyes darting around the room as he planned it out. “We could make a pillow fort and have music and do you have Christmas lights? Because I have an idea.”

“Lights are in the loft,” I replied, pointing. Louis grinned at me and pulled me up from the couch, before pushing me towards my bedroom.

“You just go relax, I’ll take care of everything. Pick out the movies and I’ll call you when it’s set up,” he was grinning, bouncing like a child, and I humoured him by disappearing. I heard him bounce around in the loft and then a bit of swearing as he dropped something. “I’m okay- ow, fuck!- I’m alright!” he was shouting, and I just laughed and fell back on my bed, eyeing off my movie collection to pick something I knew we’d all watch.

In the next minute, my bed was covered in Kate’s least favourite genre- horror. “Brilliant,” I grinned, rubbing my hands together wickedly. “She’s gonna love this!”

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