Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


18. Laura's POV

I watched as Kate walked away leaving me with Louis. “This is real, right? I’m not dreaming or anything, am I?” I asked Louis as we walked back over to the table.

“This is real.” He laughed.

I smiled, a real smile, for the first time in two months. Tears threatened to spill as I watched Lou look through the menu; I still couldn’t believe that he was here.

“I missed you,” I started, making Louis put the menu down and look at me. “It hasn’t been easy these past two months. Kate and I got a place together because my parents didn’t understand why I was upset all the time.” I sighed and looked down at my hands.

“Kate was upset, I mean she didn’t show it but I knew she was. She stopped sleeping with her ‘I Love Niall’ cushion a few weeks after you guys left.” I sighed again and looked back up at Louis.

“I’m babbling, I just can’t believe your actually here.”

Louis smiled at me and reached across the table for my hand. “I missed you too, love.” Louis said, rubbing his thumb across my hand. “Kate couldn’t keep seeing you so upset, so she called me a few days ago and we arranged to meet here.” Louis explained, just as the waitress came.

“Hi, I’m Kayla and I’ll be your waitress for tonight. What can I get you?” Kayla asked, looking at Louis the whole time.

“I’ll just have the lasagne and a coke, thanks.” I said, handing her the menu.

She rolled her eyes at me as she took the menu out of my hands before looking back at Louis. “And what about you?” She asked Louis, smiling sweetly at him.

“I’ll have the same as well as a new waitress, thanks.” Louis replied.

I laughed as I watched the waitress walk away with a shocked expression. “Ok, she was probably acting that way because she thought you looked cute or she knew who you were.” I said, trying to stop laughing.

Louis laughed and smiled cheekily at me. “So, how was the rest of the Australian leg of the tour?” I asked, not knowing what to talk about.

“It was great, but a bit shit when we got in trouble for running a red light in Perth…”

“Oh, you rebel you! I like a bad boy, don’t you know?”

“In that case, I once ate my dessert before my dinner!”

“Bad-ass!” I laughed.

It wasn’t long before our food arrived and we made small talk as we ate, me laughing at crazy things that Louis said.

Before I knew it we had finished our meal and were now walking out to the car, the cool breeze making goose bumps appear on my arms. Lou must have noticed because next thing I know is that I have a jacket being put over my shoulders.

“Thanks, Lou.” I said, looking down as I feel a blush starting up.

“Don’t look down when you blush, Love.” I heard Louis say then felt his hand under my chin making me look up at him. “You’re cute when you do that.” He said cheekily. I laughed and pushed him playfully.

“We should probably get going before Kate thinks we’re doing something else.” I smiled.

Louis nodded and opened the car door for me before running around to his side and jumping in.

“I’m sure she’s fine; Niall’s keeping her company.” Louis said as he started the car. “Wait, Niall’s here too?” I asked, looking at Louis as he put the car into drive.

“So, is that why I got a message from him asking how Kate was?”

“Yeah, he knew that she wouldn’t tell him how she was, like how I knew how you wouldn’t tell me.” Louis said, looking at me quickly before looking back at the road.


“I had a really great time tonight, Lou.” I told him, just as we pulled up to mine and Kate’s place. I could see her car in the driveway and the light on inside, so I knew that I didn’t have to be quiet the moment I walked inside.

“I’m glad, Love.” I heard Lou say before hearing his door open and close. I watched as he walked around the car to my side and open the door for me while holding out his hand for me to take.

“Wow, funny and cheeky boy during the day then a charming gentleman at night. I could get use to something like this.” I laughed, taking his hand.

“A gentleman in the streets, a freak in the sheets, babe,” he winked.

I laughed as I playfully pushed him and made my way to the door with Louis following behind me.

Just as I reached out to grab the door handle Louis stopped me by grabbing my hand and pulling me to him. I looked at him confused and he just smirked at me. His eyes went from mine to my lips and then back.

My heart started beating faster, and you could probably hear it inside the house. His hand moved from my hand to my waist and pulled me closer to him while his other hand came up and cupped the side of my neck.

My breath caught in my throat as he rubbed his thumb over my cheek, his eyes flicked to my lips again before he finally leaned in and kissed me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kissed back; Louis moved his arms and wrapped them around my waist. Butterflies were in my stomach for the first time in ages and it felt amazing.

We pulled back, both breathing heavily. I opened my eyes and saw Louis with a big grin on his face.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” He said, leaning his forehead against mine. I smiled, my lips tingled from the kiss, butterflies were still in my stomach and my heart was beating so loud that I could hardly hear anything.

“We should probably go inside.” I breathed, my voice shaking a bit. I went to turn around but Louis kept his arms around my waist. “Wait! I’ve been meaning to ask you something,” He said nervously.

“What is it, Lou?” I asked, my hands resting on his chest. I looked at his eyes, his gorgeous blue eyes staring back at me with an unforgettable shine.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

A smiled broke out on my face as I nodded my head to answer him. “Yes!!!” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck. I heard him laugh before feeling my feet leaving the ground.

A scream escaped my lips but the smile never left my face. I wrapped my legs around his waist before I pulled back. The smile on his face was just as big as the one mine maybe bigger.

I heard noise inside, so I quickly gave Louis a kiss before I jumped down and straightened my dress out. Just as I finished the door opened and standing there was my best friend with a bit of a confused look on her face.

“Hey Kitty.” I smiled; her eyes looked from me to Louis and back. “Okay, you only call me ‘Kitty’ if something’s happened.” Kate stated just as Niall appeared behind her.

“Hey Nialler!!” I said, ignoring what Kate said as I walked inside and gave Niall a hug. “Okay, Tomlinson what did you do to my best friend?” I heard Kate ask as I quietly giggled to myself.

“I’ll let you know the moment I find out myself.” Louis said, winking at me.

“So what have you two been up to?” I asked, sitting down on the couch. Louis came over and joined me, his arm going around my shoulders as I rested my head on his shoulder.

Kate raised her eyebrows at me and Louis before realizing what was going on between us. Before I could even realize what was going on, Kate was pulling me into the kitchen leaving the boys to talk by themselves.

“Really? Can’t this interrogation wait until the morning?” I asked, my eyelids slowly getting heavy.

“But I want to know what happened!!” Kate whined, making a pouting face at me.

“Kitty, please. I’m tired, it’s been a long day but I promise that first thing in the morning I’ll tell you everything.”

She sighed. I knew that she wanted to know what happened after she left Louis and I at the restaurant but I was just too tired to explain everything right now.

“Argh, fine!”

I smiled, knowing that I had won. “Everything alright in here ladies?” I heard Louis ask as he entered the kitchen.

“Yeah, everything is fine.” I answered, walking over to him.

“It’s late, I’m going to go to bed.” I said, walking towards my room.

I looked back at Kate and the boys. “Louis and Niall can sleep in the spare room, right?” I asked Kate.

“Um, no, I’m gonna kick 2/5 out in the middle of the night,” she shot back, her tone sassy as her hands rested on her hips. “Of course they can!” I laughed as she walked back into the lounge room to see what Niall was doing.

“Come on, I’ll show you where the spare room is.” I said, grabbing Louis’ hand and pulling him with me.

Walking past the bathroom; I pushed the door next to it open and walked in, turning the light on at the same time.

Louis stood by the door, looking around the room. “Yeah, this is actually my room,” I started, putting my bag down next to my desk. “The spare room is actually the last door down the hall.” I finished, looking down.

My room was like any other Directioner. It was full of posters of the boys, floor to ceiling. Even my ceiling was covered in posters and pictures of the boys. My bed had the boys quilt set on it too.

“Wow!! I’ve never seen so much of me in one room.” I heard Louis say as he walked into the room. I laughed and flopped down on my queen bed. Louis eyed it off and grinned at me slowly.

“You know, that looks like it could fit two,” he said casually, leaning against the wall. I raised an eyebrow at him and his cheeks went bright pink. “Um, in a completely innocent way, like- Niall farts in his sleep and-“

“Oi, I do not!” Niall shouted from the room across the hall. Kate’s laugh followed this statement and Louis muttered something about nosy Irishmen before shutting my door and sitting in the chair by my desk. I prayed he didn’t open my laptop, where my One Direction tumblr was on display. I didn’t know how he’d react to seeing my fangirly comments on pictures of his face…

“You wanna stay in here?” I guessed, when Louis hadn’t continued talking. The way he turned bright red made me laugh and shuffle over to let him up beside me. “You might as well. The air mattress next door isn’t blown up.”

Louis beamed and leapt on the bed. “So glad you can read my mind. I’m a cuddler by the way.” I flushed and inwardly died at the thought of falling asleep- and then waking up- beside him. “I’ll survive,” I replied with a grin.

Louis snuggled down in my pillows, ignoring the fact that he was on one of the One Direction cushions I’d gotten for my birthday. His face was on his image and I had to bite my lip to not burst out laughing as I threw the blanket over the both of us.

We could hear the occasional shriek of fright from down the hall- and then the sounds of the Supernatural theme song, so I wasn’t too suspicious- and Louis just rolled his eyes. “Fiver says Niall’s screaming,” he said with a wink.

“Kate’s probably too busy perving on Misha Collins,” I agreed, laughing. Louis held up his arm and I wriggled closer; he wrapped his arm across my stomach and one of his legs hooked over both of mine, actively pinning me to his side and to the bed. “So, if I need to breathe in the night…” I teased. Louis huffed a laugh into the skin on my neck and squeezed me tighter.

“Breathing’s overrated,” he mumbled. “Cuddling’s better.”

I laughed, reaching up behind me and turning the light off. 

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