Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


12. Laura's POV

“So, who do you think is who?” Kate asked me as we read the replies from the boys. “Well, I think ‘Bring it on, babe xx’ is Harry. He’s the only one who would call us babe. ‘I love games… don’t cry too much when you LOSE :D’ that’s Louis for sure,” I stated, laughter in my voice.

“Who do you think the other three are?” I asked.

“I think ‘You really wanna play that game? :P’ is Niall and ‘Oooh I can feel the sass!’ is Zayn, so that means that the last one is Liam.” Kate said as we added the boys numbers to our contacts with their names. I looked up at all the fans that were waiting at the arena entrance doors and saw that they had opened the doors and were now letting everyone into the arena.

“Come on, let’s go find our seats.” I said, locking my phone and putting it into my pocket as I walked to the doors, grabbing the ticket that Kate handed me once she caught up.

Making our way through the doors I looked at the ticket for our seat numbers and pointed them out. There weren't many people in the arena yet, but I had no doubt the seats would fill fast. Kate and I settled down, both of us leeching the Wi-Fi and watching Twitter. I narrowed my eyes at my follower count; something was different...

Gasping, I elbowed Kate and showed her the screen. "They're following us!" I cried, a little too loudly. Kate laughed at me and nodded, showing me that she too had five more followers.


"Yeah, Niall stole my phone earlier, apparently stole our URLs too," she smiled, nodding along to the pre-show music and tapping away. I leaned over to see what she was writing and found her on her twitter DM's; the username at the top was one I recognized immediately.

"How long have you been DM'ing Niall?" I asked, eyebrows raised as pink colouring crept up Kate's neck and across her cheeks.

She cleared her throat and tilted her phone so I couldn't see it anymore, shaking her hair back with a small grin. "Only tonight."

"And you didn't tell me because?"

Kate snickered a little, shrugging. "I thought Louis would," she replied, and right on cue, my phone lit up with a Twitter notification; a new direct message. Kate grinned as I opened the app and, with excitement in my stomach, saw just who was messaging me.

Laughing, I nudged Kate to show her that it was indeed Louis. "You put him up to this," I accused, as Kate rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at me. Kate refocused on her phone as I looked at mine, zoning out and not hearing the whispers behind me. The girls in the row behind were nudging each other and whispering... I was far too concentrated on replying to Louis- the boy could type fast when he wanted to- to worry about what was going on.

I jumped and glared as Kate's hand shot out and grabbed my phone, covering the screen as she leaned over. "The girls behind are being nosy," she muttered, half-glaring at the girls behind us from the corner of her eye. "Be careful."

I nodded; my phone buzzed again and I grinned, now hiding the screen and slumping down in my seat.

Me- Nosy girls behind us keep trying to read the messages :/

Louis- let me at 'em, I’ll show them sass they ain't never seen before

Me- no being mean to fans

Louis- spoilsport :P

Me- aw diddums :'''(

Louis- I'm not allowed to be mean so why are you?? D'''':

Me- sorry not sorry!

Louis- just you wait until I get onstage missy you're in trouble

Me- Oooh I’m soooo scared *sarcasm*

I was laughing at the messages and Kate raised an eyebrow at me. "Niall says Louis has a Joker-grin on his face. Stop flirting," she said sternly, but her grin was as bright as mine and I pushed her lightly, flushing red and putting the phone away. She tapped out one last message as the lights dimmed and the pre-show music stopped; the screens started playing the start of Heartbreak Girl by 5SOS and I stood up, Kate following a second later, to scream my lungs out as 5SOS ran out onto the stage.

The energy in the room was amazing. 5 Seconds Of Summer killed it, I’d have to say I love their new song Wherever you are. The lights come on as 5SOS ran off stage, letting everyone out to go to the toilet and get drinks. Kate and I stayed where we were, not wanting to have to push through people when we came back. Sitting down I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

Louis- Are you ready for this jelly?! :P

Me- I'm trying to stare at Mikey, stop interrupting

Louis- I am OFFENDED, utterly heartbroken. R u cheating on me??

I laughed and showed Kate, as she grinned and showed me her phone, where all I could see in her inbox was an endless stream of Nialler :) 

Sharing grins, I shot off a last text message and shoved my phone away, concentrating on dancing my feet off to 5SOS. Their set flew by and before I knew it, the stage was dark and a voice boomed through the arena.

"Ladies and gentlemen... please welcome...


The screams were deafening and almost drowned out the beginning of Live While We're Young. Kate and I gripped each other's arms and screamed, knowing they wouldn't hear us but so hoping. The boys ran out from the back of the stage, waving and jumping around; Niall was scanning the crowd, squinting, and I looked at Kate who was waving her arms and grinning. Niall stopped, looking our way as the chorus started, and suddenly began waving manically before dragging Louis over and pointing.

The girls behind us nearly went into a collective meltdown but I couldn't look away as he blew a cheeky kiss before running off to continue the song.

"He looked at me!" someone screamed from behind us.

Kate elbowed me gently and grinned, as I laughed as loud as I could because I knew the truth.

Louis and Niall had been looking directly at us.

The music stopped once Zayn sang the last verse making everyone- including Kate and I- scream really loud. I watched as the boys walked around the stage, waiting for the screaming to quiet down a bit. “Wow!! How you doing Adelaide?” Harry spoke into the microphone. Screams started again, making Kate and I laugh a bit but also join in.

“We’d just like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you for coming out tonight.” Niall said, looking our way.

I smiled as Louis joined him and they both waved at us before turning around as Liam called out the next song.

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