Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


8. Laura’s POV

Right now we were at the ABC store after getting lost a total of three times before Kate finally decided to ask someone for directions.

I watched as Kate walked all around the store looking at all of the different things they had, my head was still spinning with what Louis had said to me on the balcony. What did he mean? I thought, and that picture? How do they manage to get photos like that?

Shaking my head, I looked back into the store looking for Kate and found her by the Cash register paying for everything that she had.

“All good now?” I asked, once she joined me by the store entrance. “Yup!” She said, grinning at me. Shaking my head at her I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and looked at the time. “Shit! We’ve got to get back to the hotel, Kate!!” I said, putting my phone back and turning around to get out. “Why? What time is it?” Kate asked, confusion in her voice. “It’s 3 o’clock, didn’t Louis ask us to go with them? If so, then we better get going back.” I replied as I started walking back the way we had come.

When the hotel was in sight again, we could see the crowd had doubled and Kate grabbed my arm, dragging me through the crowd to the security guards. She flashed them her ID tag, one that Paul had given her so we didn't have to stop and dig for our booking confirmation each time, and we didn't even stop to wait for the elevator before bolting up the stairs. The seventh floor couldn't come quick enough, and since I had the key, I took the lead and quickly opened the door. I already had my concert clothes set out on our beds and managed to grab mine and get the bathroom first.

I heard Kate laugh at me, probably because I was panicking that we'd missed our chance, and then the balcony door opened. I don't know why she wasn't as excited as me, because I was nearly passing out with the nerves. I was out in about twenty minutes, clothes and makeup done, and headed for my hairbrush when I heard Kate talking to someone outside. Poking my head out, I found her sitting on the edge of the balcony, her foot hooked in the bars, as she grinned up at someone above us.

"There she is!" an Irish accent called, cheering loudly.

"Hey, Niall," I waved, sitting on the garden chair to brush my hair. Kate had barely taken her eyes off the blonde hanging down above us, but she did give me a delighted grin.

"You two nearly ready? We'll be leaving in about an hour," Niall continued, looking at Kate but speaking to the both of us. "Enough time for me to kick Zayn's arse this time."

I laughed, not quite sure what he was talking about, but by the grin on Kate's face it must have been a joy to witness. "As long as you don't pull a tantrum when he beats you again," she called up. Niall pouted and stuck out his tongue, looking over his shoulder as someone shouted his name.

"Come up and watch me," Niall grinned down, before disappearing over the edge. Kate smiled at me and hopped down, not saying a word as she sprinted for her concert clothes. She was in and out of the bathroom in ten minutes, an impressive feat for any girl, and the brush made a tearing sound as she yanked it through her hair and left it loose.

"Come on then!" she called to me, grabbing the room key and waiting impatiently by the door.

"Okay, okay!" I cried, throwing my brush on my bed and hurrying after.

A smile appeared on my face as Kate and I took the stairs two at a time, not being bothered to wait for the elevator again.

Breathing heavily, Kate and I had finally made it onto the eighth floor and were now making our way to the boy’s room.

Just as Kate knocked the door was thrown open and replaced with a smiling Niall Horan.

“Hey Niall.” Kate smiled.

“Hey.” Niall answered, stepping aside to let us in.

Walking into the lounge I looked around the room for that familiar brown haired lad. Only to see Zayn, Liam and Harry sitting on the couch. Sighing as I looked down and shook my head, I suddenly felt someone’s arms wrap around me and lift me up making a small scream come out of my mouth.

“LOUIS PUT ME DOWN!!!” I screamed, hearing him laugh and run over to the couch that was free and throwing me onto it.

“Hello to you too, Lou.” I laughed, looking up at him from where I layed on the couch.

“Hello love.” He laughed, helping me sit up. Smiling I looked at the other boys and saw them looking at Louis and I with amused looks on their faces.

“Hey boys.” I said waving at them, while also trying to get them to stop looking. “Hey.” They all replied with before turning back to what they were doing before.

“Zayn!!! I demand a rematch!!!” Niall said, suddenly appearing with Kate next to him. Shaking my head I watched as the two boy’s setup the PS3 again and started playing FIFA, at first Zayn was winning but by then I had zoned out and gotten lost in my mind. It wasn’t till I looked up that I saw that they had finished the game and were now getting ready to head to the entertainment centre.

“Man! I zoned out again, didn’t I?” I asked, speaking to anyone. “Yeah, I’m amazed that you didn’t come out of it when Niall started shouting that he finally won.” Harry said, smiling at me. Smiling back I stood up only to fall back down onto the couch.

“You alright, love?” I heard Louis’ voice ask. Looking to my left I saw him coming out of a bedroom with his beanie on. “Yeah, I just got up too quick,” I said, getting up again but more slowly than last time.

“Nice beanie, Lou.” I smiled.

“Alright, you two, let’s get going!” I heard Paul say, making me blush slightly. Quickly looking away I headed for the door only to stop short when I realised that I had left my phone on the couch. “Missing something?” Turning around I saw Louis walking towards me with my phone in his hand.

“Thanks,” I said, taking it from him and continuing out the door, earning a look from Kate. I just shook my head and continued walking, making small talk with Harry and Liam who I had managed to catch up with.

The elevator chimed and opened, letting us all on, everyone else was engrossed in their own conversations, while I stay at the back, quietly looking at twitter on my phone.

The photo from earlier this morning of Louis and I had been tweeted and re-tweeted a lot of times, somehow the directions had gotten trending #Louis’newgf as well as #fameseeker. Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes, thankfully that no one could see what I was doing as I quickly blinked the tears back as the elevator chimed once more and the doors opened again.

Finally we got to the vans, separating into two groups. Louis, Liam, Harry and I in one van and Zayn, Kate and Niall in the other. I jumped in the back with Harry and Louis, quickly taking the window seat.

The boys started talking amongst themselves, occasionally trying to include me in the conversation but I just sat there looking out the window, watching the buildings -that I had seen before- go by. “You alright, love?” A voice asked, bringing me out of my thoughts. Looking away from the window I saw three pairs of eye watching me with concern and worry. Smiling I nodded my head, “Yeah, I was just thinking.” I replied, watching as the concern and worry left their eyes and was replaced with the happy sparkle that they normally have.

Jumping as I felt my phone vibrate in my lap, I smiled at the boys as I heard them chuckle. Pick my phone up and unlocking it I saw a new message from Kate.

Those boys better be behaving themselves!! ;)

I laughed quietly as I quickly sent her a reply just as we got to the entertainment centre. The screams from all of the fans waiting out the back in hope just to get a glimpse of the boys were deafening, but they were almost like a drug as the adrenaline started to buzz in my mind. We were whisked through the gates, with barely enough time to glance at the crowd, and driven to the loading bay. Liam and Harry piled out as soon as the car stopped, and I could hear Kate, Zayn, and Niall laughing loudly at something as they left their van. I'd paused to let Louis out before me, but he hadn't moved, and was frowning slightly as he looked at me.

"What?" I asked, sounding sharper than I intended.

It didn't seem to bother Louis, who glanced at the phone I hadn't let go of and then back up to me. "You'd tell me if anything was wrong, right? I'd hate to think that this-" he gestured to the space between us- "- was causing you problems. If they get out of hand-"

"It's fine, Lou," I replied quickly, taking a deep breath as I forced a smile. He leaned forward and poked my cheeks.

"You sure?"

"Yes!" I laughed, as something thudded off the roof of the van.

"Laura and Louis! Stop snogging and get out here! They've got SEGWAYS!" Niall shouted.

Laughing, I pushed Louis out of the van and got out just in time to see Niall run straight for a Segway only to have Paul run straight after him.


Looking away from them, I made my way over to Kate

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