Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


2. Laura’s POV

After our little meet up with Louis; Kate and I were now walking around Rundle Mall still trying to get over the fact that One Direction were staying in the same hotel as us. We had first gone and got Kate a tea the moment we got here and just let what had happened sink in.

A smile broke out on my face as I kept replaying everything in my head, from this morning, the lift, and now. It all seemed like a dream that I would wake up from at any second. “What are you smiling about?” The sudden sound of Kate’s voice brought me out of my thoughts.

“I’m just replaying everything that’s happened.” Was all I said, looking at Kate from the corner of my eye. I saw her shake her head and a smile appear on her face. “What about you? Why are you smiling?” I asked, looking at her fully.

“Replaying everything in my head like you did, I feel as though I’ll wake up soon and this was all just a dream.” She replied. I nodded and looked straight as we kept walking, the smile never leaving my face.

“Hey, the 1D pop-up store is meant to be somewhere around here!” I exclaimed suddenly, jumping around like a 5 year old.

“Laura, it’s over there!” Kate interrupted, pointing over to a shop next to ‘Toys r us’. There was already a lot of people over there and from what we- Kate- had heard it was going to get even busier later in the day then now.

“Come on, Kate!” I shrieked, pulling her over to the shop, then letting her go and running inside like my life depended on it.

The place was anything and everything a Directioner could ever dream of.

I had manage to save $700 for the concert- well $900 if you count the $200 that Zoe gave me to get her and Tori a onesie each- and I was kind of aching to buy everything in sight. I’d lost Kate from the moment I stepped inside- she was probably over near the Niall corner, knowing her- while I found myself lost in the wall of Louis stuff that was in the middle of the room. If my heart hadn’t been beating so loudly, I would have thought I was dreaming. Everywhere I looked, five familiar faces looked back, and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit buzzed from the hype inside the shop. If this is what it was like pre-concert, I couldn’t wait to feel what it would be like in the stadium.

“Oi, Tommo!” Kate hollered over the crowd, and threw something my way. A couch cushion with a huge red heart; I flipped it over and it said “loves Louis” with a space for me to write my own name. I slapped my forehead but brought the pillow anyway, spotting that Kate was holding the Niall one for dear life.

Half the day had gone by time we were finished looking at every single item; my purse was considerably lighter and I had two huge bags of stuff. To be fair, most of it was big things like a cushion and a plushie Louis- Kate made me, I swear- and a pair of white Toms, but it was still two huge bags. Kate wasn’t much better and we both grinned before heading slowly back towards the hotel.

“Room service or fast food?” Kate asked, nodding at a Hungry Jacks on the corner.

“Fast food.” I nodded, seeing we were closer to Hungry Jacks at the moment and I was starving as I didn’t have anything to eat this morning, thanks to my excited nerves. I still feel excited and nervous but I’m starving and if I’m to see One Direction tomorrow night then I’m going to need to actually eat something.

“Hey Kate, do you think we’ll run into Louis again on our way to our room?” I asked as we headed over to Hungry Jacks. She looked at me with a “why you ask?” look on her face. “Come on, you know how I am about him. I mean I don’t care that he’s in a world famous boyband, I just… urgh, I don’t know what I’m saying.” I rambled, shaking my head and looking down as we found somewhere to sit.

“You’ve really fallen for him, haven’t you?” Kate asked as I placed my bags on the floor and sat down. “Yeah, and nothing will ever happen. I mean he’s a famous singer and travels all over the world to perform for all of his fans and then there’s me, I’m just a 19 year old country girl from a small town an hour’s drive from the city, who works at McDonald’s. How can someone like that fall for someone like me? It just doesn’t happen. I should just stop now and keep myself from getting hurt.” I sighed and put my head in my hands.

“Hey you’re allowed to dream, and you never know we might end up meeting them, seeing how they’re staying at the same hotel as us.” Kate grinned, making me lift my head up and look at her. “If nothing happens, then nothing happens. But you’ve already been closer to him than 98% of Directioners and-“ she paused for effect, starting to grin- “- a free pass to getting into his hotel. They can’t stay in their rooms all the time so if we haunt the lobby…”

I nodded, with the beginnings of a small smile. “We might see them.”

Kate snapped her fingers. “Exactly. Now, what do you want to eat?”

“I’ll just have a whopper meal, thanks.”


Kate wandered over to the line-up, leaving me to save us a table. It was pretty busy for a Sunday night, mostly full of teenagers- I could see a group of five girls in the back corner who were giggling together, bags of 1D stuff by their ankles, and a group of four boys who looked like they’d stepped out of a skateboarding magazine. Random people scattered the floor which left our table as the only one free; the door swung open and I could see why, as I shivered and pulled my jacket tighter. This table was the one that copped the cold breeze. Winter sure was hanging around this year.

A tray of food slammed in front of me and I jumped, glaring at Kate who tried- and failed miserably- to look like she didn’t mean it. I could see the wickedness in her expression. “Sorry,” she said, not being sorry at all, and grabbed out her iPod. “Look at this, though.”

She turned the screen towards me and all I could see was her tumblr feed; she’d gone on the Louis tag and had found a picture of Louis and Zayn hanging out of a hotel window, from about three hours ago. “So?” I said, smiling despite myself. That was definitely our hotel, I recognised the brickwork and the colours, but I already knew Louis- and by extension, the band- were staying there.

“So, look at the window below theirs,” Kate pointed out, zooming in to the relevant window. I could see that they were open, and when I grabbed the iPod to look closer…

“That’s me!” I realised, shouting. A few people looked over and I ducked, blushing, as Kate started laughing. “No seriously… how did you even spot this?!”

Kate shrugged, eating an onion ring as she grinned at me smugly. “I was trying to figure out what floor they were on, and I remembered that we’d had our curtains open and you went all space-cadet...”

“You’re the space-cadet,” I grumbled, zooming out on the picture again and shaking my head. “Did you zoom in to count the bricks or something? Because that’s seriously the only way I can believe you found me ‘by accident’.”

Kate just shrugged and pushed my food closer to me. “Hurry up and eat. We’ve got a boyband to stalk.”

I laughed and handed her iPod back before eating my burger and onion rings.


“Hey guy! So right now I’m in Adelaide with my best friend Kate. Kate say hi.” I said turning my camera to Kate as she tried to hide but failed. I laughed quietly and turned the camera back to me.

“Anyway, like I said we’re in Adelaide. We’ve just been to the 1D pop-up store and we both have 2 huge bags full of stuff.” I announced, turning the camera to my bags then back to me as Kate and I continued walking back to the hotel.

“Yeah, at the moment we’re just on our way back to our hotel and just hang out there for a bit then we’re going to go see One D’s movie ‘This is us’. Okay, I just have to say the reason we’re in Adelaide is because One Direction are here!! They’re performing tomorrow night and Tuesday night.” I exclaimed, smiling like an idiot into the camera.

“And Kate, being the amazing best friend that she is, got us tickets for both concerts.” I said, giving Kate a sideways hug as best as I could and getting her in line of the camera. “Oh yeah, I got you!!” I shrieked, jumping about as best as I could with 2 huge bags and a camera.

After I had managed to calm myself down, I laughed and turned the camera to me. “Okay, I’m gonna finish this video now as we are now coming to our hotel. Later YouTuber’s, oh and if you liked this video then please like down below and if you want to see more crazy video’s by mow, then hit the subscribe button.” I laughed, stopping just across the road from our hotel. “Okay, catch ya later guys!!! BYE!!!” I yelled, stopped recording and turned the camera off and put it into one of the bags.

“So how are we going to get through them?” I asked Kate, pointing at the group of Directioners’ out the front of our hotel.

“Preferably alive,” Kate muttered, hunching her shoulders as she started pushing through the crowd, muttering ‘sorry’ and ‘excuse me’ to everyone she passed, though everyone shot her a horrible glare and one girl looked like she was about to take my best friend’s head off. I hurried to keep up as best I could, keeping my bags in front of me as sort of air bags against a collision. When we finally reached the hotel doors, Kate was swearing profusely under her breath- nothing I’ll repeat for the sake of the children- and juggling her stuff to reach the pocket of her jeans. Two burly security guards- who hadn’t been there when we checked in- stood by the doors, blocking our way.

“Guests only,” they said to me as I tried to go past. Surprised, I turned to find Kate with the room key and the room validation, along with her driver’s license.

“And she’s with me,” she said, nodding to me. The two guys stared at her ID for about twenty seconds- long enough for Kate to roll her eyes and mutter ‘come on, bloody hell’, under her breath.

Finally, they gave the card and key back, nodding us through. I shivered as a chorus of protests started up behind us- “why did they get to go through?” and “we want to go in too!”- and Kate snickered to me.

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