Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


19. Kate's POV

“So, the spare room, then?” Niall asked as Dean and Sam drove off into the sunrise on the TV screen. I blinked slowly and wiped away a tear, always being too emotionally attached to fictional men. “With Louis? You know he says I fart but he sasses me in his sleep and-“

“Shut up,” I interrupted fondly, pushing my bedroom door open. “Just don’t complain about my décor.” I had a few posters- okay, a feature wall of posters- of my favourite celebrities. I knew One Direction were in there several times over. Niall followed me in and I fussed around the room, clearing off some notebooks from my desk (he didn’t need to see the way I’d scribbled Mrs Niall Horan over the margins) and remaking my bed. I still hadn’t formed the habit of making it when I woke up. Why make it when it’s just going to get messy again that night?

“My lips are sealed,” Niall grinned at me, and winked at a poster on the wall. “Hey, I look good in this!”

“And everything else,” I mumbled to myself. Niall, thankfully, didn’t hear the comment and made a lap of my room, inspecting it, while I sat cross-legged on my bed and watched him. He gave me a cocky grin as he passed my wardrobe, over which was the flag I’d purchased at the concert three months ago. I hoped he didn’t open it and see the shopping bag full of posters I’d yet to find room for, and was lucky when he kept moving only to pause by my desk.

“You’re a writer?” he asked, noticing the scribble-filled pages littering my desk. Organised chaos was how I lived my life; my desk was a perfect reflection of how my mind worked. Nothing was in order and yet, I knew where everything was, right down to that shopping list from a week ago. Just don’t ask me to find it on cue.

I nodded in reply, twitching when he started reading bits and pieces. I was protective of my writing and always self-conscious and wary of judgement; Niall picked up three pages stapled together and came to sit beside me. One glance at the title had me sighing in relief- it wasn’t fanfic. Thank fuck. He’d grabbed a piece I’d done for my journalism class, a fake news report on a dinosaur sighting in New York. “It’s for class,” I defended myself as Niall chuckled.

“It’s good,” he said, grinning at me. “I almost swallowed the bullshit.”

“A good writer can describe a holiday to hell in such a way that you’ll look forward to the trip,” I quipped, and Niall burst out laughing, setting the paper back on my desk and flopping down on the bed. “You sure you’ll be okay in here?”

Niall rolled his eyes and wriggled under the blankets, grinning at me as he hugged my pillow tightly. “You couldn’t move me if you tried,” he challenged, wriggling his eyebrows as I grabbed a nearby cushion and swung it at his head. “Hey! Celebrity abuse!”

“Aw, sorry princess,” I fake-pouted at him, grinning and holding the cushion ready for another strike. “Shall I call Lou-eh to come save you?”

“I don’t need no superman,” Niall growled, yanking the cushion away. “Now go to sleep. Me and Sassmaster have a surprise for you two tomorrow.”

I jumped off the bed to turn off the light, before feeling my way back over and curling up on the edge. It didn’t take long for either of us to fall asleep, and I distinctly remember Niall tapping my face in the middle of the night and whining that he was cold.

Boys. Such babies.


Sunlight glared at me through a crack in my curtains and it was the first thing that made an impression on my sleep-addled brain when I woke some hours later. The second thing was that I was very, very warm, and somebody had their arm latched tightly around my waist. For a moment, I panicked, before the memories rushed in and I smiled into my pillow, wiping the sleep from my eyes as I twisted around to see Niall still fast asleep.

He looked so innocent and sweet when he was asleep, a stark contrast to the foul-mouthed idiot he was when he was awake. His mouth was slightly open and he grunted when I wriggled to escape his embrace. Somehow, I managed to get free, and Niall instantly pulled my pillow to fill the space I’d left. Giggling quietly, I grabbed my phone and took a picture, vowing to keep that picture to myself.

Yawning and rubbing a hand though my messy bed-head, I shuffled across the hall to the bathroom to wash my face and wake up a little more. The house was silent and I couldn’t even hear Laura’s music- if she was awake, she’d usually have music on. Without it, I knew she was still asleep. Shrugging, and too preoccupied to go back to bed, I fussed around in the bathroom for almost an hour before heading for the kitchen. If anything could wake my best friend, it’d be food, and I had no doubt that it’d wake Louis and Niall up too.

Ten minutes later, I had eggs ready to be scrambled and bacon rashers ready to fry; the sound of a frying pan emerging from the cupboard apparently stirred Laura, and she stumbled through with birds’ nest hair and bleary eyes. “What time is it?” she mumbled, staring at the clock and blinking twice.

I raised an eyebrow and threw a dish-towel at her. She didn’t even react and I wondered what else I could throw before she noticed. “About ten.”

“Fuckin’ early,” she mumbled, stumbling back off down the hall. A moment later, her head popped back around the corner and she looked remarkably more awake. “I just remembered. Louis is taking up the entire bed.”

“Throw water on him,” I advised, not looking up as I started cooking. “Or jump on him.”

Laura looked at me for a moment before a wicked grin came over her face and she disappeared. I heard her door open and a minute later, a girly shriek echoed down the hall. I nearly died when Laura reappeared, grinning smugly, and sat on the barstool by the island counter. “Do you remember that Halloween Scream mask?”

“You didn’t!” I gasped, as she held the mask up and growled. “Oh my god, poor Louis,” I shook my head, pretending to look upset. “Here, look after this. Niall’s still asleep.”

Laura cackled as I grabbed the mask and skipped off to my bedroom. So much for letting him sleep… I snickered as I pushed the door open quietly and crept up on the lump in the bed. At the last moment, I pulled the mask on over my head and prepared to jump-

“Hey!” a voice shouted in my ear. I whirled around to come face-to-face with a werewolf and screamed as I grabbed a pillow and attacked. Niall’s laugh told me exactly where the sneaky bastard was but that didn’t stop me whacking him over the head with the pillow. “Oi, you were gonna get me!”

“You were asleep!” I accused, both of us pulling our masks off and leaving them on my bed. “You were supposed to still be asleep!”

“I’m not Zayn, I couldn’t sleep through Louis screaming like he was being murdered,” Niall grinned back. The door flung open and Louis glared in at us, eyes narrowed and cheeks still pink from sleep.

“Shut up,” he mumbled, shaking a finger at Niall. “She’s fucking scary, your best mate.”

I just laughed and pushed him out the way, heading back to the kitchen and taking over the cooking. It was almost done anyway and Laura started the toast; five minutes later, our feast was ready and the boys swapped looks of conspiracy.

“Um, why don’t you two go get dressed?” Louis suggested casually.

“Oooh, secret boys’ club meeting?” Laura teased as he nodded and pushed her gently towards the door. “I’m going, I’m going!”

Both of us retreated to our rooms, hurrying through picking out an outfit and getting dressed. I couldn't help but laugh when I emerged to see that Laura and I both had the same idea; jeans and a She’s my Louis/ She’s my Niall shirt. “Good choice,” I complimented. Laura flicked her hair and we returned to see Louis and Niall grinning at us from the couch.

“Nice shirts,” Niall whistled, wriggling his eyebrows as we squeezed in beside them. “Anyway. Me and Lou were talking.”

“And we've got a question for you both,” Louis finished, taking a deep breath as he started to smile. “How would you two like to come to the Brits with us next month?”

“They’re in London,” I said automatically, not quite catching on.

Niall nudged me and grinned. “Yeah. How would you like to be?”

Laura and I didn’t need to look at each other as we both spoke at the same time.


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