Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


17. Kate's POV

                                                             Two Months Later
“… and One Direction-mania hits an all-time high as the boys take a well-earned break on the Gold Coast before flying on to the Asia leg of their Take Me Home tour. Notably absent was Louis Tomlinson; sources say he may already have left, as he was spotted in the Melbourne airport after their show last night…”
Laura turned the TV off and I bit my lip, glancing down at my phone to avoid her sad eyes. I knew she’d been missing Louis, almost as much as I was missing Niall. I also knew they’d been keeping in contact, but the constant rumours of hook-ups with other girls didn’t make being left behind any easier.
It had been two months since we’d last seen the boys in person. Aside from the occasional hasty Skype chat and five-minute texting sessions, we had been relying on the evening news to keep track of them for us. And half the time, what we heard on the TV wasn’t truth at all, which made it very frustrating to not know.
Going back to ordinary life was near on impossible. I’d had to go back to work and endure the questions and the laughter- and the nasty questions; didn’t they want you to go? Did they leave you behind?...
I knew Laura had been struggling, too. We both needed a night out to clear our heads, especially as in two days, there’d be more distance between us and the boys than ever before. That was why I’d arranged something special for tonight- Laura only knew the vaguest details of the plan, which made me feel like some sort of secret agent.
“Come on,” I exclaimed, jumping to my feet and making Laura flinch from my sudden movement. “We’re going out, remember? Go get dressed.”
“I don’t want-“
“I don’t care,” I interrupted firmly, my hand squeezing my phone in excitement. It buzzed again and I tried not to look excited; Laura, to her credit, probably thought my weirdness was normal. “Dress nicely. I’ll get my stuff from the car and we’ll go in an hour.”
“You planned this,” Laura rolled her eyes but got to her feet, switching off the laptop and putting it away. “What if I’d said no?”
I shrugged; I never expected her to. “Just hurry up,” I retorted, hurrying out the back door to my car. In the boot, where she wouldn’t have seen it even if she’d looked, I had a bag containing my outfit for tonight. I hoped she’d listen to me and dress in something slightly formal, because I had a feeling she was going to love what I had planned.
I claimed the bathroom to change, and hurried through pulling the red dress over my head and smoothing out my hair. Tonight wasn’t about me, so I skipped over trying to look gorgeous in favour of knocking on Laura’s door. She let me in and, though she grumbled about it, let me do her hair and makeup before practically pushing her out the door.
“Where are we going?” she asked, grinning at me. I just tapped my nose and started up the car, tooting the horn and waving to the house like an idiot. As I turned onto the highway, and twenty minutes later had driven past my hometown, Laura looked actually terrified. “Okay, I’m worried now. Have you kidnapped me for any reason in particular?”
“Yes,” I replied, smirking to myself. “None that I’m gonna share, though.”
She sighed, pretending to be irritated, but smiled as I turned the music up. We were playing Little Mix tonight, and they kept us singing all the way to the city. It was an hours’ drive and dark by time we arrived, but we were still on time for our dinner reservations.
“This… is a fancy restaurant,” Laura exclaimed as we emerged from a U-Park onto the main street. I was leading her towards a brightly lit Italian place, one I’d only been to once before, and I grinned as I held the door open.
“The food’s awesome, too,” I replied, handing our reservation receipt at the hostess, who led us through the restaurant to a quiet table for two. “So. Order whatever you want and have a good time. Tonight is a night for distractions.”
“Yeah, I’m gonna need them,” Laura mumbled, staring at the menu. A moment of silence passed between us, before she sighed and put it down again. “I just… I can’t believe that they’re leaving the country. And we’re never going to see them again.”
I looked up from my own menu, and broke into a wide smile. A familiar boy was crossing the floor towards us, and he’d arrived to catch the last part of her sentence. Laura was frowning at my grin, and she gasped in shock as the boy behind her spoke.
“Never say never, love,” Louis Tomlinson grinned as Laura squealed and turned around. I slid out of my seat with a small grin and high-fived him once he detangled his hand from their hug. “Good job, Kate.”
“Thanks, Lou,” I grinned back.
Laura glared at me, still hugging Louis with one hand, though she was smiling. “You two! Ganging up on me!”
“Yep!” I agreed cheerfully. “So, you’re okay to drive her home?” I asked of Louis, preparing to leave. The reservations for two were never meant for me and Laura; I’d only been the driver. My heart sank a little as Louis handed me the petrol money he’d promised- I tried to refuse it, only giving in when he threatened to show up at my work with a marching band- and hugged them both. “Have a good night, you two!” I laughed, heading outside and back to my car.
My stomach felt knotty as I walked away, like I was missing something.
Well. Not some-thing. But someone.
It was the same tugging feeling I got whenever I heard his voice on the radio, or saw his face on the TV. It was the reason I’d taken down my posters and couldn’t even look at the tour program I’d bought from the concert. I had even stopped sleeping with the ‘I Love Niall’ cushion after a few weeks… once the smell of his cologne had faded away.
My hands shook as I tried to unlock the car and I dropped my keys, closing my eyes to stop myself from swearing out loud. As I knelt to grab them, I heard footsteps behind me and whirled around to confront whatever threat there was; car parks were creepy at the best of times. They were twice as creepy at night, when you were alone.
There was a guy in a hoodie walking towards me, and I felt my breath catch in my throat as I hurried to try and unlock the car again. He was getting closer, I couldn’t get the key in the lock, my fingers slipped and the keys fell as I turned around with my fists clenched, ready to fight…
“Stay away from me!” I warned him, holding up my fists. He stopped a few steps away, palms up in supplication.
“Sorry,” he replied, his voice so familiar that it felt like a physical hit to the stomach. “I didn’t mean to scare you- I was just-“
“Niall?” I breathed, and he swept the hood away from his face. He flinched as I stepped towards him, as if I might hit him- I’ll admit, the thought crossed my mind. “What were you thinking? Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to sneak up on a girl?!” I shouted, my surprise fading into annoyance. “You scared the hell out of me!”
“I’m sorry!” he yelped, laughing as I shoved him half-heartedly. I was smiling, my lips trembling as I tried not to cry, and I didn’t pull away when his hands settled on my shoulders and slipped slowly down to thread his fingers through mine. “I’m sorry. I overheard Louis talking to you about surprising Laura, and I thought…”
“You’d come give me a heart attack?” I finished, eyebrow raised. My skin was on fire and his eyes narrowed at me as he stepped forward. I stepped back until my back hit my car, but Niall didn’t stop until I was trapped between him and it. “Because it worked, you know. Congratulations. I’m dead and floating above myself, or I’m unconscious and dreaming because-“
My words failed as Niall cocked his head, smirking at me. One hand reached up to cup my cheek, his thumb running over my lips tenderly. “You’re not dreaming,” he whispered.
My gaze flicked from his lips back to his eyes, and my hands grabbed the hem of his shirt, holding it tightly to stop myself from really fainting. “Prove it,” I challenged, defiant until the last.
Niall grinned, and without another word, he leaned in to kiss me.

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