Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


15. Kate's POV

“I need to talk to you,” Laura said quietly to me. Glad for the excuse to step out of Niall’s stifling eyeshot, I pointed at the balcony and the two of us slipped away while the boys amused themselves switching the TV channels. Sliding the door entirely shut behind us, I stepped away from the door so nobody could see what we were talking about. By the look on my best mate’s face, I knew this wasn’t a conversation she wanted anyone to overhear.

“Everything alright?” I asked, a little concerned.

Laura’s face was unreadable as she glanced back at the room, satisfied herself that nobody was watching, and grinned at me. “So I was speaking to Perrie earlier…”


“So, are the two of you coming to the show?” Louis asked from the couch. We were all spread out across their hotel room, having spent the day doing literally nothing- well, they had an interview at eight that morning that Laura and I had slept through- and it was getting on for four. They needed to be at the venue early tonight for a meet-and-greet and another interview, which had worked in well for Laura and I.

After filling me in on Perrie’s plan, we’d spent half the night planning on how to sneak Little Mix into the boys’ hotel room. In the end, I’d decided to let Laura take my car to the airport while I kept the boys busy; but with the way Louis was practically glued to Laura’s side, it was gonna be a difficult task to get her out the door without him twigging that something was up. It was why I looked at Laura and nodded; it was time to put our plan in action.

“I’m not feeling good,” she groaned, holding her stomach. I sprung up, feeling her forehead and frowning in mock concern.

There was nothing wrong with her, but the boys didn’t know that. “Yeah, you’re pretty warm. We’d better stay in,” I mumbled. Louis looked crestfallen and sat beside Laura, half pushing Liam off the couch so he could cuddle her to his chest.

“You sure? I can piggy-back you there,” he wheedled, begging her silently to come.

She groaned louder and made a good effort of looking really sick. Kudos, mate. “I think you ought to go to bed,” I said, nodding at the door. “I’ll help you downstairs.”

“Don’t be silly,” Louis said instantly, springing up and helping Laura to her feet. “Stay here, we’ve got free food and a better TV, you can have my room, I’ll sleep somewhere else-“

“You can have my room, Louis,” Niall offered instantly. He looked at me, cheeks tinged pink, and shuffled his feet awkwardly on the spot. “That is, if you don’t mind me bunking with you?”

I don’t think I could have blushed deeper if I tried, imagining sleeping five feet away from Niall Horan, and shrugged in reply. “I don’t mind. I snore, though, apparently,” I said warningly.

“Niall farts, so you’ll both be in good company,” Liam piped up as Niall grabbed a couch cushion and threw it at his head. Liam ducked and the cushion smacked Zayn in the face, before nearly unsettling my untouched cup of tea.

“Real smooth, Horan,” Harry drawled, as Niall gave the three of them the middle finger. Harry nodded and clapped his hands.

“Settled, then. You stay in Louis’ room,” he said, before Louis lead Laura into his room and getting her settled. I heard her ask for the room key and smiled to myself- so far, so good. They didn’t suspect a thing.

“So, are you coming with us, Kate?” Niall asked hopefully, looking a bit like a puppy who’s just spotted his lead. I glanced at Louis’ door and considered checking with Laura, but this had always been the plan. She’d fetch Little Mix, I’d keep the boys distracted and away from social media so they wouldn’t see anything about the girls arriving until they got back after the show.

I nodded and Niall beamed, cheering once as he hurried over to Liam and pulled him up out of his seat. “Come on then, let’s go!”

Louis returned, looking concerned, and I met his gaze with a small smile. “You guys go on, I’m just gonna make sure Laura’s okay, I’ll catch you.”

They filed out, Niall and Louis hesitating longer than the others, Louis glancing at his bedroom door and Niall giving me a small smile as I waved my hands to shoo them out. “I’m going, I’m going!” Louis shouted, grabbing Niall and heading through the door. “We know when we’re not wanted!” he called back.

I rolled my eyes and opened the door, finding Laura sitting on the bed, as fit as a fiddle. “They gone?” she asked.

“Almost. I’ll text you when we’re safe, you remember the code?” I replied, nodding when she did.

“Carry on if I’m safe, keep calm if I’m not,” she repeated.

I grinned, tossing her my keys. “Take care of my baby.”

“It’s just a car,” Laura replied, rolling her eyes.

I pointed my finger at her sternly, frowning deeply. “Rude,” I replied, grinning and shooting her a wink as I headed out the door. Louis and Niall were waiting in the hall and I forced my smile to fade a little, so they wouldn’t think something was up. Bloody hell, who knew this sneaking around would be so hard?

The boys were waiting for us in the vans- we all squeezed in one, Liam practically sitting in Harry’s lap so we could all get a seat- and I grabbed my phone to shoot off a quick message. Carry on, I typed quickly.

“Carry on?” Niall read over my shoulder. I poked his ribs.

“Reading over my shoulder,” I mock-glared, pretending I was angry. He looked a little sheepish and shrugged as I rolled my eyes. “It’s an inside joke,” I lied, shoving my phone away before he could question me further. The conversation turned to girlfriends when Zayn mentioned wishing he could see Perrie, I had to physically bite my tongue to avoid letting anything slip. I refused to be the one who ruined this surprise.

It was hard, though, to think of ways to keep them entertained and away from their phones even though the drive was only twenty minutes. Zayn kept wanting to text his girlfriend and I think I made a total dick of myself distracting them all. I was grateful when we finally made it to the venue- at least here they’d be kept busy with interviews and fans and preparations, and I wouldn’t have to make an effort to keep them off social media. I knew how quickly word could travel in this fandom; all it would take is one teenager with a phone to spot Perrie in Adelaide and it’d be all over twitter and Tumblr.

“Hey,” Niall broke me out of my thoughts, dancing me around the dressing room. “We’re off to an interview. Come watch?” he asked- well, begged, with puppy eyes and everything- and when he pulled that face, how could I ever refuse?

“Okay,” I smiled, and he dragged me off to the filming area. I stood behind the cameras as they filmed- Harry and Niall kept pulling faces at me, with Louis and Liam laughing as Zayn rolled his eyes and very obviously wondered why he was friends with the lot of them. I was in silent stitches behind the scenes, pulling faces and making obscene gestures when nobody was looking just to make the five of them laugh.

“So Niall,” said the interviewer, glancing back at me. I caught the motion and shrank back, fairly sure I knew exactly what this next question would be. “You’ve been getting quite close with this lovely young lady-” the cameras swung to face me and I awkwardly waved, trying not to glare too obviously- “- care to introduce her?”

I shook my head and tried to run, but Liam, Harry and Louis ganged up and dragged me back in front of the cameras. I nearly wet my pants as Niall pulled me into the seat beside him and I stared at the lenses, a deer in headlights, and made a mental note to shove Laura into the next interview if it killed me.

“This is our friend, Kate,” Niall said proudly, arm around my shoulders.

“And where’s the other lovely girl you’ve been seen with… Louis?” the interviewer asked.

Louis blushed a little- his recent break-up with Eleanor was still fresh in his mind and he looked at me pleadingly. I knew what he was thinking; how would it look if, just three weeks after the split, he was raving about a girl he’d just met? Niall was okay, he was single, nobody would say anything too bad, but Louis was bound to be on the receiving end of negativity.

Well, not on my watch. “My best mate,” I piped up, pulling up my loud-and-fake-confident face to stop myself shaking. Niall’s knee bumped mine and I took strength from that tiny amount of confidence. “Laura. She’s unfortunately sick tonight, stayed back at the hotel,” I added.

“Shame,” Louis declared, his knee bumping my shoulder as he winked quickly at me. I just nodded back, and tried to hide behind Niall and Liam as the interview went on. I wondered what Laura was up to… Little Mix would be in town by now. They’d probably be back at the hotel in a camera-free environment…. Probably watching this on TV. The thought made me smile and I relaxed a little, even joining in the joking and laughing around as we wrapped up. The boys went on to make-up and dragged me along; I hung out and chatted with Lou while she did their hair, and stayed with her while they went to get dressed.

As they headed up on stage, I found Lou again and we retreated to the dressing room with a bottle of water and popcorn to watch the show on the TV set up exactly for that purpose.

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