Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


13. Kate's POV

I grabbed Laura’s arm as the first few seconds of Best Song Ever started to play; together, and slowly, we fought our way out to the doors and walked right through security. I glanced back to see the row of girls closest to the doors glaring and pointing at us, trying to cause a scene, and laughed as I yanked Laura to run with me as the venue’s security turned to try and catch us. They weren’t to know that we were meant to be there; they thought we were fans sneaking into the dressing rooms. Well, we kind of were…

“Run!” I screamed above the chorus, laughing so hard I could barely breathe as Laura and I sprinted beneath the stage. We hid underneath and waited until everyone had run by, before grinning at one another. “Look!” I pointed at a trampoline set up beneath the stage- the boys were directly above us now- and Laura grinned as she realized what I wanted to do. They’d jump through the hole in the stage onto that trampoline; I wanted to wait for them to jump and then run to the cars with them.

We didn’t have to wait long; Niall and Harry shouted a thank you and goodbye as Liam and Zayn appeared, spotting us and high-fiving as they sprinted past, full of adrenaline and grinning widely. Louis was next and the moment he spotted Laura, he grabbed her hand, high-fived me, and dragged her off towards the cars. I was about to follow when a pair of arms appeared around my waist and spun me around.

“Good show?” Niall shouted over the screams of the audience. I nodded frantically, feeling drunk with excitement, as we turned to follow the band to the cars. Louis, Laura, Liam and Zayn were already gone, which left Niall, Harry and I in the second car. Harry dove in head-first, Niall skidded to a halt and I squeezed in beside them. Not even ten seconds later, the doors slammed shut and we were driven through the crowd already gathered and back onto the road.

“That was amazing!” I couldn’t help but shout, throwing my arms up as Harry and Niall cheered along, full of beans and energy despite the performance they’d just had. “The fireworks and the smoke machines and the faces you pull when you’re playing, Ni!” I shot off, listing off just a handful of my favourite bits.

“Did you see him push me off the stairs?” Harry asked, shoving Niall who simply laughed and high-fived me.

Shaking my head, I gave him a worried once-over. “When was this?”

“During Best Song Ever,” Harry replied, pouting at both of us as we hadn’t felt sorry for him.

“I was probably running away from security at that point,” I mused, sitting back as Niall held his arm out, catching my head.

“Now, this is a story I’ve got to hear…”

Grinning, I adjusted my position and caught the coke Harry tossed my way. The hotel was nearby but we would circle the city a couple times to lose the fans, if any were following, and we passed the time swapping stories- me about watching them, the boys filling me in on bits I’d missed- needless to say, by time we made it back to their room (we were first, which made me grin) I was sort of losing my voice and Niall couldn’t stop laughing through offering me some water.

Finally, the three of us settled down on the couch to wait for the others to arrive. It didn’t take long, Louis walking in with his arm over Laura’s shoulders like he was made to hold her like that. They looked happy; I wondered what they’d spoken about on the way back. Behind them, Liam and Zayn appeared holding two pizzas each. They tossed the boxes on the floor in front of the TV as Harry switched to infomercials and we all formed a food circle, laughing and joking.

“Hey, I have an idea,” said Liam abruptly, during a lull in conversation. “Why don’t we do a twitcam?”

The boys shot up, all for it, while I looked at Laura in a quiet panic. Twitcam? Us? As in let the whole world see us? My stomach rolled and I blinked, shaking my head and standing up quickly. “Um, I’m really tired, and my head hurts… I’m just gonna go to bed… see you later!” I said, walking towards the door with every step. I had to shout my goodbye as I ran to the stairs and down a flight, emerging onto our floor and darting into our room to hide.

The moment I stopped and was alone, I realised what a silly thing I’d just done and fell face-first on my bed. Now they probably thought I didn’t want to hang out with them. Or that they’d done something wrong. Shoving my head under my pillow, I tried to think happy thoughts… hunting with Dean and Sam… the TARDIS… Hogwarts letter…

But no matter how far my fantasies were flung, I couldn’t silence the voices in my head and sat up, growling at nobody in particular. As I stormed to the bathroom to brush my teeth, someone knocked on the door and I yanked it open without looking, expecting Laura. “So, do they hate me?” I asked, still not looking as whomever it was walked in and shut the door. “Do they ever want to see me again?”

“No and yes,” a familiar, definitely-not-Laura, voice replied. I spun around, dropping my toothbrush, and Niall smiled gently at me with one eyebrow raised. “What’s the panic about, Kate?”

I dropped his gaze, twisting the bottom of my shirt in my hands. Doubts and insecurities, I had my share, but there was no justice in telling them all to Niall. “Camera-shy,” I said finally, giving him a small smile I hoped he’d believe. Niall stepped beside me, both of us facing the mirror, and before I knew what he was doing his phone was in his hand. He swooped in to kiss my cheek as he took the picture of my surprised expression, his eyes screaming mischief. “Niall!” I cried as he danced away, checking out the photo.

“Don’t know why you’re being shy,” he half-sang, teasing me as he jumped on my bed then onto Laura’s as I tried to catch him. “And turn away when I look into your eyes!”

“I have no problem with eye-contact!” I replied, huffing a little as he dodged me again and my phone sent me a twitter notification. “It’s cameras I take offence to!”

Niall leapt onto the floor as I stepped off the bed, intercepting me on my way to my phone. He held my gaze and I held his, my breathing shaky as my hands trembled. I shoved them in my pockets so he wouldn’t see. “Everyone else in the room can see it,” he murmured, quirking a smile as I rolled my eyes. His hand reached for mine, his fingertips grazing my wrist as I let him take it. “Kate, this might be strange and forward but I-“

The door burst open as Laura and the boys appeared in the frame, and I leapt away from Niall as if I’d been stung, grabbing my phone and busying myself with twitter.

“The party’s down here, is it?” Louis beamed, taking up pride of place on Laura’s bed as the boys scattered around the room, being nosy and giving Laura a tour of her own hotel room.

Niall had posted the picture. Of course. I looked up at him and he just shrugged at me, looking disappointed and slightly frustrated, but smiled when I turned the screen around so he could see what I did. “Really? You had to, didn’t you?” I asked, tone sarcastic.

He just beamed and winked at me. “Couldn’t resist, love,” he grinned, and turned to tease Harry about falling arse over onstage while I reread the picture’s caption.

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