Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


11. Kate's POV

Guilt gnawed at me as Laura rushed away. I knew I could cross the line without knowing that I’d done it; I got carried away easily. I wanted to go after her but Louis beat me to the door; she was my best friend but he was probably better to cheer her up than me. I’d talk to her later, I decided, and found a seat a little apart from the remaining boys, as the four of them grabbed food and joined me.

“How do you not get fat?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at their piled plates. “Everywhere you go there’s food laid out for you!”

“It all turns into muscle, love,” Harry grinned, flexing his arms as I rolled my eyes.

We were mostly quiet, the boys eating, me occasionally taking the celery sticks Zayn handed my way. I earned four shocked gasps as Niall held his plate my way and I grabbed a cheese cube. “Oh my God,” Liam said quietly.

I raised my eyebrows at them. “What?”

“Niall never shares his food,” Zayn mumbled.

“Ever,” Harry confirmed.

Niall groaned quietly and pointed his finger at the three of them. “Shut up,” he warned, but he was smiling.

We all looked up as Paul opened the door and held up two fingers, before disappearing again. I could hear Laura’s voice and Louis’s laugh and the boys instantly started scoffing their food, leaving the plates in the bin by the door as they trailed out. “You coming?” Liam called.

I pushed myself upright and hurried to the door, grinning. “What’s the plan?” I asked, ending up walking behind Liam and Harry, beside Zayn and Niall had hung back, and sort of squeezed between us.

“Wardrobe and make-up, then sound-check meet and greets, then the show,” Niall rattled off quickly, hardly seeming to breathe. We rounded a corner and met up with Laura and Lou, who had waited for us to head into wardrobe.

“Are you sure we’re allowed in here?” Laura asked, a little nervous. Racks of clothing were spread over the room, with five dressing tables waiting along one wall. Lou Teasdale appeared from behind one of them, and called Harry over. Apparently, his hair took the longest to do, though he’d end up tying something ridiculous in it anyway.

“’Course you are,” Zayn grinned, picking up two shirts, a Batman one and a white one with black sleeves and scribbles. “You can make yourselves useful though; which one?”

 “That one,” Laura and I said together, pointing to the white-and-black one. Zayn grinned and disappeared to change, clearly happy that he’d made us feel more comfortable. Lou came over to introduce herself once she was done with Harry’s hair, before she had to chase Louis around the dressing room with the hairspray because he was a six-foot child and wouldn’t sit still.

“Alright?” I asked Laura, taking the chance and nudging her gently with my elbow. She turned, smiled, and nodded at me- she didn’t say anything but I could tell that while there was definitely something on her mind, she wasn’t mad at me. Thank God. Maybe I could stop obsessing over it for a while and give myself a break.

It didn’t take the boys long to get ready and have to head off to sound-check. They did ask us to go with him but I instantly said no; there was no way I was ready to meet fans. I mean, just yesterday, I’d been a fan myself. I needed time to process that before doing anything else. I decided to go find a drink and then find our seats, so Laura and I wouldn’t have to struggle to find them later.

We’d been offered the chance of sitting backstage, but I felt guilty about not taking the seats we’d paid for.

Hugging the boys good luck, Laura and I headed out to the arena, using the performer’s entrances.


We both turned as we heard a shout, finding Paul hurrying to catch up to us. “Everything okay?” Laura asked, eyebrows raised.

He nodded and held out a piece of paper with five numbers on it. “Just in case. And you’re coming back with us, right?” we both nodded and Paul sent a quick text- to the drivers no doubt, so they knew not to leave us behind- “Alright. They’ll sing Best Song Ever last-“

“Aww,” I moaned, whining just a little. “We’ll have to miss it, won’t we?”

Paul nodded with a small grin. “If you want to get in the cars, yeah. Sorry.”

Laura and I were both disappointed that we’d miss the first performance of Best Song Ever, but at the same time we’d be getting something much more exciting. We’d get to spend much more time with the band than anyone else, and that was definitely worth missing BSE. Almost.

“We’ll be on time,” I heard Laura say, and snapped out of my thoughts. Paul nodded and headed off as we shared the paper and entered their numbers in our phones. “What shall we text them?” Laura asked, grinning as we walked. The paper with their numbers- they hadn’t labelled them, which was probably just in case we lost it, but it was still a very valuable bit of scrap paper- was shoved deep in my pocket to dispose of later.

“Something weird. Make them guess who it is.”

Laura laughed and we stopped by the audience entry doors, on the side where fans were already gathered. I caught a few sideways looks and hoped nobody here had been on tumblr recently. My iPod hadn’t stopped getting email alerts of private asks and twitter mentions- in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have connected the two. “Send them this,” I grinned, moving closer.

“Do you want to play a guessing game?” she read, laughing. “Like from Saw? Do you want to play a game?”

I grinned, feeling sneaky and just a little bit devilish. “They didn’t mark their numbers,” I pointed out.

Laura just laughed as the messages sent; a minute or two later, we each received the same five replies.

Bring it on, babe xx

Oooh I can feel the sass!

Is that why your hair is so big? It’s full of cheek?

You really wanna play that game? :P

I love games… don’t cry too much when you LOSE :D

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