Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


7. Kate’s POV

Niall was engrossed in a match of FIFA on the telly, so I sat beside him as he shouted at Zayn, who rolled his eyes at me. Laughing, I just shook my head and internally cheered when Zayn scored the winning goal; Niall tossed the controller down and sulked, before spotting me and turning bright red, then darting for the bedroom.

“What was that about?” I laughed, unable to hide my amusement. Zayn slid closer so we didn’t have to talk so loud, grinning widely.

“Probably realised how stupid he looked, being a sore loser.”

I snickered again and spotted Louis head for the balcony, where Laura had escaped to moments before. I watched them stand side-by-side, eyes narrowing as a plan started to form in my mind. “Hmm,” I hummed thoughtfully, tapping my cheek.

Zayn shot me a sideways glance, then followed my gaze to the window. “She likes him, doesn’t she?” he asked, leaning his chin on the couch to stare at them. I nodded, tilting my head. “I think he’s got a thing for her, too, you know. He’s been very down since he split with El… he hasn’t smiled so much in weeks.”

“Oh yeah?” I raised an eyebrow, sitting side-on to better speak to him. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking, B1?”

“What?” Zayn snorted, shaking his head in confusion. I’d forgotten that the Bananas were an Aussie thing, and slapped my forehead with a giggle.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you later. Are we thinking the same thing?” I asked, nodding to the balcony window. Zayn looked over again, a wicked grin appearing on his face as his dark eyes gained a glint of mischief.

“I think we are,” he replied, and the two of us spun around to face the blank telly as Paul opened the door, Liam on his heels.

“Ready, boys?” he called, leaving the door wide open.

“Louis, we’ve got to go!” Liam called, waving at me and knocking on the bedroom door, where Niall was still hiding. I hoped he wasn’t too upset; I had brothers, I was used to sore losers, and if I was honest he wasn’t that bad. He had a dirty mouth, yeah, but I wasn’t one to talk. “Paul’s here!” Liam continued, grabbing his coat and heading for the door. Niall appeared sheepishly, and smiled shyly in my direction.

“Come on, Kate, let’s go,” Laura called to me, and I sighed as I stood up again. The couch really was quite comfy and I’d been enjoying chatting to Zayn, who really wasn’t as quiet or as broody as people made him out to be.

“I look forward to working with you, Mr Malik,” I said, extending my hand to shake his. He glanced at Louis- who narrowed his eyes at us- and then winked at me, shaking my hand.

“Got a pen?” he asked, and when I gave him the one that lived in whatever pockets I had, he scrawled a Skype address on my palm. “We’ll see you after the concert anyway, but that’s for… business,” he said, emphasising the last word with a low growl. Laughing- especially when Laura made a ‘what the fuck’ face at me- I nodded and petted Zayn’s shoulder.

“Have fun today, mate. Good luck, guys!” I called, threading my arm through Laura’s as we headed back down to our room, to get ready for that night. Zayn shot me the thumbs up and Niall glared at him before storming off- what the hell was that about?- the five of them waving as we took the stairs and they headed to the lift, to sneak out the back way.

“Excuse me,” Laura said as I opened our room and let her in first. “But what the fuck is going on with you and Zayn?”

I giggled manically, leaping onto my bed and landing on my back with a slight bounce. “Nothing,” I replied, as innocently as I could, staring at the ceiling so I didn’t laugh out loud and give myself away.

Suddenly, a pillow smacked on my face and I heard Laura laugh as she hid behind her bed. “I call bullshit!” she shouted, as I rolled to my feet.

“Oh, it’s on now, bi-atch!”

This was war. It was bloody (not really), violent (a little bit), full of swearing and insults (we gave as good as we got), and hysterical laughter. It only stopped when someone pounded on the wall, screaming for us to shut the hell up, and instantly we both froze, holding pillows up defensively, as the laughter bubbled and we had to muffle it in our beds.

Calming down, I grabbed my toiletries bag and snagged the bathroom first, since my bed was closer to the door than Laura’s. She unzipped her overnight bag to grab her concert clothes and I stepped into the little shower, hurrying through the process before stepping back into the main room. “Your turn,” I nodded, and she disappeared behind the door. With the water switching on, I grabbed my laptop and booted up tumblr to have something to stare at while my hair dried.

It took me about five minutes to find recent pictures of One Direction- I followed a few local people, and there was still a crowd outside the hotel- so the photosets were often and pretty good quality. There was one in particular that caught my eye; Louis leaning on the balcony of his room, with a girl beside him. Her hair was in her face so she couldn’t be recognised, but I didn’t need to see to know who that was.

“Lou’s mystery girl,” I read the title, snorting with laughter. “Oh, she’s gonna freak,” I mumbled, leaving the photo up and the laptop on Laura’s bed so there was no way she could miss it. I heard the water switch off and stepped close to the door; “Wait until you see what’s on tumblr right now!” I called.

“What is it?” Laura shouted back.

“Spoilers!” I giggled, yanking a brush through my hair to get it somewhere near manageable. I’d had it cut a few days before and it still felt weird, not having to spend half an hour getting the knots out of the ends. It kinda felt like I was missing half a limb, too; my head hadn’t been this light in about six years. I’d been growing it out to donate for cancer- until I realised I’d dyed it one too many times and they’d never accept it. So I was starting from square one again.

Laura emerged in five minutes, quicker than I’d ever seen her get dressed, and all but dove for the laptop. As the screen came back on, she looked at me with a half-scared-half-excited face; and quietly screamed when she saw the photo. “Holy shit!” she cried, leaning back on her heels and pointing, one hand over her mouth. “That’s- that’s me!”

“No, that’s Louis’ mystery girlfriend,” I stressed the last word, watching her blush and ducking the pillow she tossed my way. By the grin on her face, I could tell she was pleased, and made a mental note to take my sunglasses wherever I went from now on. If we were going with the boys to the concert- nothing was set in stone yet, but Niall had seemed especially keen to have us front and centre stage- I wanted to have some assurance that my face wouldn’t end up on the evening news. My grandfather had already jokingly warned me that he didn’t want me running off with Harry Styles… grinning to myself, I inwardly cackled. If I had anything to say about it, I wouldn’t run off with Harry… Niall, however, was a different story entirely. I was sure that, had he asked, I’d not think twice about it.

“You still wanna go shopping first?” Laura asked, bringing me out of my trance to realise I’d been brushing the same length of hair for nearly five minutes. I rolled my eyes at my own stupidity and quickly finished up, tossing it into a messy ponytail before turning around and grabbing my jumper. “I’ll take that as a yes,” Laura laughed, grabbing the room key and holding the door as we both headed out.

We didn’t want to be too long, though. If Louis was serious about us going with them, we’d have to be around for them to take, wouldn’t we?

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