Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


5. Kate’s POV

I couldn’t believe she’d actually done it.

Laura, that is. She’d sung a One Direction song in front of One Direction. To me, that was inevitable proof that my best friend had more balls than 98% of people I knew. Mind you, I didn’t know many people, but the point still stands. It was all I could do to not faint and actually hold a conversation with the boys; I might seem confident and a bit snarky, but really, it’s a façade. The loud version of me is the ‘me’ I put on when I’m not comfortable. Let’s just say, meeting five boys I considered role models made me beyond uncomfortable.

With Laura proving herself to be gutsy as hell, it made me feel a bit pathetic and sorry for myself. The moment she’d finished the song though, I applauded with the boys – she was good, I couldn’t deny her that, and they all seemed to love it. I thought I caught a new sort of shine in Louis’ eyes when he looked at her, but that could’ve been a trick of the lighting in here. I’ve never believed in love at first sight anyway.

The night wrapped up pretty early- the boys had interviews and early-morning commitments- and Laura and I wanted to go shopping. Though the way they’d all said ‘see you tomorrow’ had been full of promises that we would, indeed, see them tomorrow, and I don’t think they were meaning at the concert either.

It meant that by nine, Laura and I were lying in our beds silently staring at the ceiling. We could hear footsteps above our heads that calmed down very quickly as the boys obviously went to bed.

“I’ve been dreaming all day, haven’t I?” Laura asked abruptly, as the light beside her bed switched on. I looked over to find her sitting up, arms around her knees, grinning at the far wall. On my side, I propped my head up on an elbow and raised an eyebrow.

“If you have, we’re having one of those weird synchro-dreams again.”

She didn’t seem to hear me as she picked at the blanket, pulling bits of fluff off it and tossing them aside. “I mean, stuff like this doesn’t happen to people like me. That’s One Direction. That’s…”

“Amazing?” I suggested when Laura looked lost for words. She nodded silently, her grin threatening to split her face. Giggling, we both snuggled down, knowing that the quicker we fell asleep, the quicker we could wake up and see just where these next few days would take us.

The sunlight blaring through the white curtains hit me right in the face, what felt like mere minutes later. I was not a morning person, never had been, but because of the fairly early night- and being in a strange bed- I was finding it easier than usual to stumble awake and zombie-walk into the bathroom. Half an hour later, I came back to find Laura hadn’t moved at all, and grinned as I scribbled a note- just in case- and grabbed my purse, slipping quietly out of the room.

I didn’t see anybody on my way out of the hotel, and the morning was warm and busy as people hurried off to work. There was a take-out place just down the road from our hotel and I made a beeline through the morning traffic to it, ordering breakfast for myself and my sleeping best friend. I was back in the room twenty minutes later and Laura was awake, but not out of bed, and I tossed the food somewhere near her head. “Wake up!” I shouted, jumping on her bed and over her legs, giving her no option but to get up. Groaning, she sat upright and rubbed her mussed hair.

“What time’s it?”

Checking the microwave, I yanked open the curtains to our room and then the door, letting in the sounds and smells of the city. “Almost ten. I was gonna pop over to the ABC shop to check the Doctor Who stuff.” Laura grabbed her food and ate in bed as I sat cross-legged on mine, scrolling through tumblr on my iPod. Thank God for free wi-fi in hotels!

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