Change Your Life

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves. Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel... Co-authored by Lozza (author of Laura's POV) & MisfiredSynapse (author of Kate's POV).


1. Kate’s POV

“Can you believe we’re actually here?”

I looked up from searching through my bag, grinning at my best friend of five years. She was two steps ahead and not facing me, so she couldn’t see the excitement written over my face, though we were close enough so she didn’t need to see to know what I was feeling. “I know!” I replied, grabbing our hotel reservations and following her through the revolving doors. The lobby was wide and decorated in whites and blues- neutral, pleasant, and best of all, fairly quiet.

Laura spun around, brown hair whipping across her face, and beamed. “Tomorrow night,” was all she said, and I couldn’t stop myself from dancing in place.

“Tomorrow night!” I echoed, walking up to the check-in desk. We’d booked a twin room, because it was frankly all we could afford, but we’d shared much smaller spaces during our friendship so it really didn’t bother me at all. After receiving our key, we headed for the lift, buzzed ourselves in, and stepped inside to ride to the seventh floor. The height kind of bothered me a bit, but I wasn’t about to complain.

After all, we were lucky to get a hotel room at all, considering what was going on.

See, One Direction were in town, for two nights only. Laura and I weren’t afraid to admit we were shameless fangirls- in the sense that we knew and loved all their songs and could pretty much recite entire interviews word-for-word and every conversation revolved around them even with the faintest of connections- and in light of that, I’d had the brilliant idea of getting us both tickets for her birthday.

Which was five months before the concert, but it’s the thought that counted, right?

So. Four tickets- two for tomorrow night, and the night after, because we were greedy- and five months after the tense wait for the sale to start, we were standing in the hallway of the hotel that would be our home for the next four nights. And I couldn’t believe how excited we both were- if this was any indication, we wouldn’t need to go clubbing to get a buzz, but just ride the high of finally seeing the band we idolised live.

“Um, Kate?” Laura interrupted my train of thought, poking me in the side of the head. I batted her hands away with a squeak of protest, glaring at her for startling me. “Unlock the door, space cadet.”

“Shut up, Loony Toon,” I retorted with a sharp tone belied by my grin. Laura stood back as I adjusted the key and turned the lock; the two of us were inside a moment later, taking in the two single beds and the small bathroom we’d share. Neither of us had much stuff, so I was mentally checking off what I can remember packing, knowing that anything we’d forgotten we’d have to buy or go without. Living an hour away from the city was a real pain in the arse sometimes, though I did like the quieter pace of small-town life.

Laura claimed the bed by the window, which was fine with me, because if the building started to fall I’d be first out the door. Kidding. I’d wait for her.

No I wouldn’t.

I really wouldn’t.

“So what’s the plan?” Laura asked, as I looked over from where I was lazing on my bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. She was leaning against the window frame, staring out, and I was sorely tempted to throw something at her just for a reaction. If I was honest, I was more tired than I should have been- totally my own fault, I was up on tumblr all night- but at those four words, I swung my legs off the bed and clapped my hands.

“Explore?” I grinned, as I grabbed my jacket and wallet. “And maybe shop.”

“A bit,” Laura amended.

I shot her a slightly dirty look and rolled my eyes. “There’s a 1D pop-up store in Rundle.”

“Why the hell are we standing here, then?!” Laura cried, breezing past me and running to the lifts. I shut the door behind us and had to sprint to catch the lift- she wasn’t going to hold the door for me, of course not- and we spent the ride down laughing, joking and making up little fangirly scenarios in which the lift doors would open and one of the boys would be standing there.

We had to calm down after a stop on the third floor, when a man in his forties with a suit and tie -on a Sunday, really? Who was he kidding?- stepped on and didn’t smile back when I tried to greet him silently. Sharing a look with Laura, we sort of stuck to the back of the lift and stared at our phones, me on tumblr and Laura on Twitter.

I looked up when we reached the lobby and Business Guy hurried off. Someone stepped in his place and I froze, elbowing Laura until she growled at me and looked up, her mouth dropping open in shock and her eyes going wide.

“You two getting off?” Louis Tomlinson asked.

Louis Tomlinson was in our hotel.

“Um,” Laura said in a squeaky whisper. I swallowed thickly and prayed to God that Niall wasn’t around somewhere- I’d probably lose my shit if he was- and nodded, grabbing Laura and yanking her off the lift after me. We all but ran for the doors, stopping just outside to glance back. Louis was watching us and he gave us a cheeky little salute and a devastating grin before the lift closed and took him up to the eighth floor, where the luxury suites were located.

“Holy shit,” I breathed out, feeling sick with excitement and nerves.

“Was that…” Laura mumbled, sounding like she was about to either faint or cry.

“It was,” I replied, and the moment our eyes met, we couldn’t stop from bursting into tension-relieving laughter and sitting against the wall of the hotel.

“That was Louis,” Laura said out loud, which only made us laugh harder. Nothing was funny, but if we didn’t laugh, we’d scream, or cry, and I didn’t feel much like doing either. “Kate. That was Louis. Freaking. Tomlinson!”

“I know!” I exclaimed, my hands cupping my burning cheeks. “You know what that means, though?” Laura raised an eyebrow, fanning herself lightly to get rid of the blush and the laughter. “The whole band might be here.”

Laura nodded, and no matter how she tried, couldn’t stop from smiling. “In our hotel.”

“Talk about change your life,” I muttered, clapping my hands on my knees and standing up, dragging Laura after me. “C’mon, let’s go check out the mall. I need tea after that.”

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