Double Trouble

It’s the start of a new school year and best friends Jess and Katie cannot wait to finish their senior year. The holiday break brought tears, heartbreak and new cars for some, but when they got back to school it was what happened next when the two bump into the Tomlinson Twins that made the year a lot more interesting. What will happen when Jess confronts her ex, who are these Tomlinson Twins and what will happen next? Find out in the new fanfic “Double Trouble”

*credit to doncasturbate, for the edit of the 'tomlinson twins'


2. You Again

*Jess' POV*

Pulling up into the school parking lot, everyone turned and looked at Katie’s car. I guess that’s what she wanted. Her goal this year was to make a big statement, like something for everyone to remember her by once we leave. I waved to a couple of people that I recognised from last year. There were hardly any spaces left, until we got to the end of the parking lot. She parked next to a familiar black sports car.

“Really Katie? Here?”

“Jess there’s no other space and I don’t want to park on the street and risk getting a fine! You’re just going to have to suck it up!”

“Ughhh fine! I’ll meet you inside ” I said not too impressed. I couldn’t see through the dark tinted windows if there was anyone in the car. I quickly got out of Katie’s car with my head down and trying to walk as fast as I could. The window of the black car rolled down and familiar voice called for me.

“Looking good Jess”

I slowly turned around trying to pretend like his comment didn’t annoy me.

“You don’t get the right to say that anymore Zayn. Leave me alone”

“Oh come on, just having a bit of fun”

“Well, have fun somewhere else. I don’t have time for your shit”

“Woah! Steady tiger! I’ll be good I promise. It’ll be a matter of time before you’ll be coming back to me”

“In your dreams Malik!” I said as I turned back, and walked towards Katie who was now waiting for me at the school entrance.

“Oh trust me sweetie, we’ve done way more than that in my dreams” I could hear Zayn shout from his car followed by the laughter of his friends in the back seat.

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