Double Trouble

It’s the start of a new school year and best friends Jess and Katie cannot wait to finish their senior year. The holiday break brought tears, heartbreak and new cars for some, but when they got back to school it was what happened next when the two bump into the Tomlinson Twins that made the year a lot more interesting. What will happen when Jess confronts her ex, who are these Tomlinson Twins and what will happen next? Find out in the new fanfic “Double Trouble”

*credit to doncasturbate, for the edit of the 'tomlinson twins'


3. Who are they?

*Jess' POV*

“I don’t know what I ever saw in him” I said angrily as I turned to Katie as we walked down the hallway passed the lockers.

“I don’t know Jess, maybe it was that rugged bad boy look he has going on… his heart melting smile… his unbelievable jaw line… his really big…” Katie trailed off into la-la land.

“KATIE! Could you not” I whacked her on the arm.

“HEART! I was going to say heart!” she said blushing.

“sure you were… I can tell you where he can go put his heart” I said staring down at my phone. “Oww!”

My phone fell to the floor. As I picked up the phone inspecting to see if there was any damage standing back up, two guys stood in front of us. They both had piercing blue eyes and brown hair, probably around the same length but both styled differently. The one on the left was wearing a beanie, his eyes were harsh as he bit his lower lip and he had tattoos covering his arm sprawling out over his chest. The other one on the right had his hair in a perfectly formed quiff, he had kind eyes but he had a smirk that screamed rebel. Unlike the other guy, he had minimal tattoos on his arm, although they shared the same tattoo on their chest. They were obviously twins but I hadn’t seen them before.

“Sorry about that.”  The one on the right said to me as he was getting pulled away by his brother.

Katie and I didn’t take our eyes off them as they turned the corner, not even looking back once to see if we were ok.

“Who are they?” Katie said, her eyes almost hanging out of her head. She really needed to tone it down whenever we saw attractive guys.

“I have no idea.” I said curiously.

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