Double Trouble

It’s the start of a new school year and best friends Jess and Katie cannot wait to finish their senior year. The holiday break brought tears, heartbreak and new cars for some, but when they got back to school it was what happened next when the two bump into the Tomlinson Twins that made the year a lot more interesting. What will happen when Jess confronts her ex, who are these Tomlinson Twins and what will happen next? Find out in the new fanfic “Double Trouble”

*credit to doncasturbate, for the edit of the 'tomlinson twins'


12. Partners

*Jess’ POV*

“O-M-G Jess this is awesome!”

“Shhh!! You have to be quiet, they are still both sleeping” I whispered

“I can picture your babies right now.. I dibs godmother!” That was Katie, going on a complete tangent yet again.

“Whoa calm down would you! It’s to make up for cracking at me”

“So when is it?”

“Friday” I smiled


Monday was thankfully a brand new day, Louis and I, I guess have made up in a way. Although, Louis and I didn’t get to talk much today. The teacher went on a complete noise strike, and we weren’t allowed to talk otherwise we’d get a detention. Even though we didn’t speak he kept looking over and smiling when we’re doing our work. Needless to say it was very distracting.

Tuesday was again a different day. I hadn’t seen Louis all day except for our last class which was geography. I was sitting in our usual spot as he walked into class late. The teacher didn’t take any notice of it.

“Well hello there Jessica” he said happily. I smiled in return.

Louis was very talkative in class, he’d always say completely random things that were hilarious! Trying to keep a straight face whilst the teacher looked over at us was one of the hardest things.

“Alright class, I need you to partner up to work on this assignment” the teacher shouted.

The minute the teacher said ‘partner’ Louis put his hand on top of mine on the table. It was almost like we were back in primary school when you’d look across the room for your best friend and give them this look like ‘PARTER?!’. I couldn’t help but smile.

Zayn was obviously pissed off, he coughed really loudly the minute Louis’ hand touched mine. Louis didn’t think anything of it as he looked at me with his bright blue eyes and smiled.

I didn’t care what Zayn thought. We weren’t together anymore, I didn’t have to answer to him. Not going to lie, I got butterflies every time Louis smiled at me. After Louis called that we were partners, he didn’t let go of my hand, I didn’t mind that at all. 



Hey everyone, sorry for the short chapter but I've been studying for exams... As soon as they finish next week I'll upload a new chapter :)

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