Double Trouble

It’s the start of a new school year and best friends Jess and Katie cannot wait to finish their senior year. The holiday break brought tears, heartbreak and new cars for some, but when they got back to school it was what happened next when the two bump into the Tomlinson Twins that made the year a lot more interesting. What will happen when Jess confronts her ex, who are these Tomlinson Twins and what will happen next? Find out in the new fanfic “Double Trouble”

*credit to doncasturbate, for the edit of the 'tomlinson twins'


16. Brotherly Advice

*Louis' POV*

Driving down the street my apartment block was on I saw Will walking fast towards the apartment. I slowed the car down almost to a complete stop to get his attention, but he was still on the phone. I tooted the horn quickly to get him to look up. He looked over at me, nodded and put his phone in his pocket. Will and I lived together. We decided to move out a couple of years ago, we were only 16, but it's probably one of the best decisions we've made. My brother and I were close in a way, after all we're twins, but we had our differences, we are nothing like each other... At least I like to think so. Will was always the trouble maker, don't get me wrong I am trouble too, just he was the law breaking trouble maker. I caused mischief, he was mischief plus criminal record. Other than that, personalities are different, looks are the same, except for a few tattoos.

Will waited for me at the lift. He didn't say anything, just looked straight with his hands in his pockets.

"Was that Jess with you at the cinemas?" Will said to break the silence.

"Uhh yeah it was"

"She looked pretty hot Louis, come on get any action during the movie?" he nudged me.

"I don't the people next to us would have appreciated that Will" I laughed. As we got into the lift I quickly changed the topic.

"So what were you doing at the cinemas?"

"Oh... I um.. I met up with a girl."


"Uhh Olivia"

"Olivia Channing? Isn't she Harry's girlfriend?"

"Yeah well she's a bit of a slut Lou, couldn't keep her hands off me the whole time. Don't think Harry is going to see that coming." He laughed.

"You're a dick, Harry's my mate...what you think I'm not going to tell him."

"Hey just because he's your mate doesn't mean he is mine. Plus she's easy. I didn't even have to say two things before her tongue was down my throat"

"Then you wonder why people hate you!"

"I don't wonder, I know why they hate me and honestly I don't give a shit"

"Whatever" I rolled my eyes.

As we walked into the apartment he started at me again.

"Just so you know Lou, before you start judging me and my taste in girls, you should keep an eye out for your girl Jess. I've heard things ok. She's not your type."

"Like you care Will!"

"What? Can't a guy look out for his brother?!"

"Night Will" I slammed my bedroom door and collapsed on the bed. I had heard enough shit from Will in one night. Trying to end my night on some sort of positive I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Jess.

*Jess' POV*

To: Jess

From: Louis

Hey Jess, hope you had a good time tonight. I'll definitely have to take you up on that movie night offer at yours ;) go get some rest, I'll speak to you soon x

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