The Robot Gone Wrong Part 2

yes another Robot Gone Wrong story so yea i just thought i would make another one. but i made this one a long time ago so my literacy might not be that great but i will try to tweak it when i have the time.


1. Four years later

It’s been four years since Callum and Josh vanquished there creation they thought it was over but for how long they hoped but four years under the ocean suddenly the robots eyes opened then turned red. Then all the pieces start to reunite with the robots body and become whole again remembering that its creators had destroyed him he was destined for revenge so then he fired up his thrusters and flew off in to the dark and wet thundery sky to find them meanwhile at Callum’s HQ like a Jedi he sensed something wasn’t right so he got in his car and drove off to see professor Josh (yeah professor Josh what a lot can happen in four years) then got out of his car saw josh about to drive off and see Callum then Callum said “ hey professor” “hello Callum” said Josh so then they went inside to get out of the rain “what brings you here Callum” “ well I feel like something’s not right” “like what” “like the robots back from the dead” “ that’s impossible but how, you saw it blow up  and totally destroyed ” said Josh before Callum could say anything else a giant earthquake passes through the ground they ran out side and see… THE ROBOT!!!!!! The robot stares at them and locks on to them and shoots his missile at them and Gatling gun they get in Callum’s car (because his was the fastest) they drove off as fast as the vehicle would give them then the robot shoots a heat seeking missile then suddenly Josh says “why did we give it all that stuff” “no god damn idea” says Callum then the robot shoots at the car and the vehicle burst in to flames as Callum and Josh crawl out with horrible injuries the robot grabs them and starts to squeeze.

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