The Unknown Secret

Cherry's life is normal, well, normal enough. She has her best friends, the crush she is trying to win over, and her enemies.
But one day she finds out something that could change her life so quickly that she's won't even have time to try and fix it.
Can she keep the secret unrevealed?


6. Wink and done

When I arrived at school, everyone was pretty much out of sight due to the weather. It was pooring rain.

I got to my classroom 5 minutes later to be attacked by Syl.

"Syl! Ugh get off me!"

She giggles and hops off my back. "Aww, come one Cher. be happy!"

"Im trying." I mutter.

She takes one look around, and then drags me to the back of the room.

"Look, Cher," she whispers, "I know your disappointed about John and Linda. But you gotta get them off your mind and move on."

I widen my eyes at her, she cant be serious.

"No way," I say, a little too loudly, "I am going to go after him and she cant stop me."

That's when we were interrupted by a cough. Syl and I both looked to find a very angry Linda standing in front of us.

"Would you two losers please get out of my way?" Linda Yells.

Syl and I are so shocked we simply just nod and scramble out of her way. We had no intention of getting in trouble from her again.

Syl and I find our chairs at the front of the room and watch the teacher ramble on for an hour. Really, in our minds,

we were wondering weather Linda heard us or not.


As I walked into the cafeteria at the start of lunch, I was disappointed to see that John and his friends weren't where they were yesterday.

At our table. I slouched into my seat, and waited for Syl, Anna and Lucy to do the same.

But Syl didn't.

Tom had walked into the cafeteria with the other two boys, but john was noticeably missing.

I sigh and watch the events happen.

Syl suddenly goes all girly, and smiles at Tom. He sees her and winks. HE WINKED!


She blushes deeply and laughs.

Tom turns to his friends and tells them something before changing his direction to come to Syl. When he reaches our table Syl stands up.

She is greeted by him with a big hug. He pretty much squeezes her. But she is loving it.

"Ahh! Stop ittt!" She squeels playfully.

He chuckles and places her on the ground.

"Hey, Syl!" he says. The two walk off together, and they look happy. Even though they met Like.... Yesterday.

I suddenly think of John and what he could be doing right now. In a classroom? With Linda? In the Gym?

Looking in the gym might be more safer. I stand up and tell Lucy and Anna I am going to the girls room, then make a quick exit.

I bolt down the halls and arrive at the gym about a minute later. I peek through the door at everyone in there. I see Linda and her group in the middle of the gym, and some of my classmates throwing a ball around the edges.

John is no where to be found. I sigh and turn away. I slump as I make my way back down the hall.

"Cherry?" I hear a male voice sound from behind me.

I spin to find John standing there, beautiful as ever.

"What were you just doing?" He questions me, giving me a puzzled look.

"Uhm, nothing."

He smirks and I blush.

"I saw you, Cherry."

'I know," i say, "I was looking to see if my... ugh... Jumper was in there from when i last had P.E"

he smiles and says, "its the second day, Cherry. only one class has had P.E"

I blink, now extremely embarrassed.

I look at my shoes and mutter, "Uh, yeah. I dont know. I gotta go."

I bolt out of there.

Damn it.


The whole rest of the day went pretty quick. I enjoyed it. I like when school goes quick.

The car park was almost empty when i got to my car. I have my learner plate now, so i can drive around every now and then.

As i get to my car, i notice the car behind me has two people standing near it.

John and Linda.

I try to pay the least amount of attention to them as i can. but its pretty hard considering i cant keep my eyes of beautiful John.

I put my bag in the back seat and unlock my door. I give one last look at John and Linda and find John looking at me.

"Hey, Cherry!" He shouts.

I blink at him. This can not be happening.

he runs to me and grabs my shoulder.

"Hey, what are you doing this Saturday? You free?" He smiles.

I nod. Nothing this Saturday for me.

"Nothing," I answer, "Why?"

"Well, i am having a party and i was wondering if you wanted to come?"

I nod. "Sure, sounds fun."

I can barely speak. Its like he's hypnotizing me.

He smiles, showing his flashy white teeth.

"Great! Ill give you my address tomorrow!"

"see ya." I say, whilst hopping into my car again.

I pull out of my park and spin to face the exit. I drive off, looking back only once.

I see Linda.

She is staring at me.


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