The Unknown Secret

Cherry's life is normal, well, normal enough. She has her best friends, the crush she is trying to win over, and her enemies.
But one day she finds out something that could change her life so quickly that she's won't even have time to try and fix it.
Can she keep the secret unrevealed?


3. The New students

When we got to our classroom about 5 minutes later, I saw my enemy Linda.
I have known Linda from when I was young. Our Parents used to work together. I wished I had never met her. She always makes my life hard. Its getting annoying. Just the other day she told her best friends about how I clumsily fell on Linda's dollhouse when I was 4. All of her friends snickered at me.

The whole morning felt like it went for 10 hours. It dragged on so slowly I could have thought we were stuck in time. By the time it was lunch, I was definitely exhausted and not in the mood to put up with anyone's (especially Linda's) crap.

After lunch I have history, and so does Linda. I hate that class. I wanted lunch to go so slow.

As Syl, Anna, Lucy and I walked to the cafeteria, Linda and her annoying friends were behind us.

They would laugh and whisper and because I was in such a bad mood, it made me angry.

Lucy saw me trying to keep my face under control and grabbed my arm,

"Hey, its ok. Just ignore them," She assured me.

Our usual table was free so we all sat there to eat. there was always 4 spots left at the other end of the table, but no one ever sat there.

After 10 mins of eating our lunch, Anna piped up.

"Hey guys! Look to your left."

We all looked to where Anna was looking and saw the most gorgeous guys. They definitely were not at this school last year.

One of them had blonde wavy hair that covered his beautiful eyes. What a shame. They were blue and pretty much sparkling. The best part of his face. His freckles made him even more cuter. I was staring.

Syl, though, was staring at another boy. He had short black hair, and his skin was a dark tan. His muscles bulged out of his shirt. I could understand why she was staring, he seems like her type.

Anna and Lucy were staring at the other two. One had long brown hair and one had a golden brown Mohawk.

I was too mesmerized by the blonde guy that I hadn't noticed the room go silent. I looked around and noticed all the girls were staring.

Actually, I take that back. EVERYONE was staring, even the guys.

It was actually kind of creepy.

The guys stopped and looked around. Everyone began to get back to doing what they were doing. Except Anna, Lucy, Syl and Me. We were still staring like crazy stalkers.

The boys once again looked around, this time looking for a table to eat at.

'good luck with that, boys.' I think to myself, knowing very well all tables are taken.

Wait, not All.

"Oh, crap." I mutter.

"What?" Syl asks.

"There is no table free, except for ours."

Anna gasps. "They wont sit here will they?" She stumbles.

I look up. And there you are, they are heading for our table.

"Damn!" I say.

We all keep our heads down while they stroll over to our table.  I see the black haired one find a spot next to Syl, and the brown haired one next to me.

I really hoped the blonde one would fill that chair, but anyway.

"Hey ladies," The black haired boy smiles, "Mind if we sit here?"

Nah, Not at all.

"Nope. you can sit here." Pipes Lucy.

"What are your names?" Asks Anna.

The golden-brown boy answers this one, "Well I am Nick, And this is Lucas," He points to the brown-haired boy. He points at the black-haired guy and says, "This is Tom," and then points at the blonde one, "And this is John."

John. Oh my gosh, what a cute name.

"You are new here, though?" Syl asks.

"Yep." Tom answers.

 After 10 minutes of conversation, we hear the bell go. Its time for our next class.

I stand up and so does everyone else. We all pick up our bags and get ready to walk off, but I walk to stand next to John.

"Hey, what class you got next?" I say, whilst putting my bag over my shoulder.

"Uhm," He looks at his timetable, "History. You?"

Yes! We are in the same class!

"same!" I say, "Would you like me to help you get there?"

"Uh.. No. Its okay, I already have someone who can do tha..."

But his sentence Is cut short by someone leaping into his arms. He laughs and puts the person down.

"hey beautiful." He smiles.

No way.

"Hey gorgeous." Linda squeals. She smirks at me.

The next thing I know, Linda is jumping on top of John and giving him a full on make-out sesh.

Linda. Oh how I want to kill that girl.




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