The Unknown Secret

Cherry's life is normal, well, normal enough. She has her best friends, the crush she is trying to win over, and her enemies.
But one day she finds out something that could change her life so quickly that she's won't even have time to try and fix it.
Can she keep the secret unrevealed?


4. The day is ruined

History was pathetic. I could say far more worse words than that, it was so bad.

All I could hear every 5 seconds was a stupid giggle come out of stupid Linda's stupid Mouth.

By the end of the day, I was so determined to get out of the school.

I went straight home when the final bell went. I didn't even say goodbye to Syl or Anna and Lucy, I was so upset.
My day was ruined and only because of seeing Linda with John.
I opened my front door and ran to my room. I threw my bag in the corner and fell on to my bed, where I let out a sob. Tears soon poured down my face.

How can someone so cruel and mean always be treated the best?

I must have fallen asleep because somebody woke me up.
Mum sat beside me and when she saw that I cried she took me in her arms.
We sat like this for ages. I was still crying when she pulled me back and asked me,

"What happened Cherry?"

I shook my head. "I'm just being stupid, mum."

"Its about a boy?" She asks.

"How did you know?" I reply, wiping my tears with my hands.

"Cause' that's what every girl says after they cry about a boy."
I laugh. Mum can always seem to cheer me up.

"I am going to make you some hot chocolate! okay?" She jumps up and asks.

I nod. I love hot chocolate.

I followed my mum out the kitchen and sat at one of the stools. Mum whizzed up a to-die-for hot chocolate and handed it to me. I instantly drank from the glass cup.

'Now tell me what happened that made you cry?' asked mum, leaning against the fridge.

I swallowed my big gulp of hot chocolate and answered, "He was with Linda."

She gasps. "Linda? Linda Chapman? Your father and I were friends with her parents."

I nod. "I know mum, and she's the one that is always talking crap to me. She is always putting me down." I can feel the tears come again, but I push them away.

"You cant let her get to you. The boy is not Linda's property, so if he chooses you than you aren't stealing him."

I nod. "You are saying to go back to school and chase after him, so he will have to choose between Linda and I?
She turns and opens the fridge, grabbing the milk out of the fridge.

She turns back to me and then pours more milk into my cup.

"Exactly," She says.

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